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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I was driving my son to school this morning and was just in awe of the beautiful sunshine! It was so warming through the windshield! There's something about the sun that just makes every day go a little smoother! I'm still wearing my toeless shoes... hanging onto summer! I usually try to make it through at least til' October without socks! Anyone else like that out there? :-)
So even though it's sunny, I've had Christmas on my brain! So I've been designing Christmas cards and magnets and totebags with lovely Christmas designs! Let's see, I've used presents in all kinds of shapes and (fun designing the wrapping on them too!) Christmas trees, ...oh and I love, love, drawing snowmen, they can be whimsical, cute, serious or just traditional. I just let the pen flow and see what ideas come to mind! Check it out at my site, well have a great day all! I shall get back to creating!

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