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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Online Business and Retirement

As Baby Boomers are approaching their retirement years, many are not confident or well prepared for their future. The changing economy has forced many to re-think their future and many will have to make hard choices. It may come down to many having to work extra years in order to be able to make ends meet.  One way to gain extra income with limitless potential is to start an online business.

Building an online business is something that one could pursue while they are still working a full time job. Just putting a few hours in a week to get it going is all it would take. Of course, if you are already retired you can put in as much time as your willing.

Most folks by now have some computer skills that could be put to use running an online business. If not, check your local college or community center for computer courses that could give you some training.  Anyone can build a successful online business by putting in the time as well as doing the research and planning. Be sure to choose an area of business that inspires and creates passion in you. There are endless ideas on the net and many that cost little to no money to start up. 

You’ve heard the saying ‘the world is your oyster’, well with an online business you have the potential to reach customers all over the world. No boundaries or having to rely on local support. You can have eyes on your business day and night, while you’re sleeping your business can be bringing in sales.

Starting an online business to supplement your retirement income can help to ease your stress and give you a purpose as many people who retire find themselves at a loss with no direct purpose. This can lead to depression and ill health for many. An online business gives you freedom and flexibility, you can set your own work hours, choose something you enjoy and are knowledgeable about. Anyways I’m rambling on here so I’ll bring this to a close, be inspired and pro-active as you think about your future.  

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Engaging and Keeping Your Readers

Have you often wondered how to engage and keep your blog readers coming back for more? With so many distractions and something more interesting being just a click away it can truly be a daunting task to get folks to spend a few minutes reading your blog post.  Whether you write for monetary purposes or just because you love writing, you still want your content to be read.

Come on, I know you have valuable and useful material to share with others but perhaps you ‘re struggling with readership. Well let’s look at a few ways to engage readers and make them want to read, share and comment on your blog.

1) Decide on your target audience and write specifically for them, don’t get side tracked writing for friends and family unless they are you’re target audience! Think about who you’re trying to communicate with, who is your ideal customer?

2) Grab your reader’s attention with a catchy ‘headline’. This is your chance to communicate the gist of your article in an amusing or hot topic title. Great titles can draw in the crowds or turn them away!

3) You want you’re readers to participate to some degree on your blog, right? So ask questions, have ‘like’ and share buttons that they can utilize, be sure that you have a ‘follow’ this blog gadget.

4) Stay in touch with your blog traffic stats. Use Google analytics or another stat counter to see which of your posts receives the most traffic. Which ones get shared and tweeted!

5) Be sure your blog articles contain value for your readers. Readers will not stay on your page for long if they aren’t engaged and learning something from your content. Keep your writing clean and free from nonsense. People won’t come back or bookmark your blog if you’re just wasting their time.

Do your readers share with you, do you consistently get comments and re-tweets from others? Tell me about your experience with this?

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

10 Steps to Re-Charge Your Battery

Sometimes in our routines and daily patterns of life we just get plain tired and run down. We can often become over whelmed by physical and mental fatigue. Keeping up with a demanding job, maybe a second job for some, taking care of family, kids, the house and all that entails can wear you out! Perhaps you need to take a step back and see what you can do to re-charge and re-energize  your life, today! 

Often just a few simple changes can bring renewed energy and vitality to your life once again. Here is a list to check out!

1) Eat the right foods! Too many carbs could be zapping your energy. Try consuming less bread products and sugar.

2) Reduce caffeine intake, if you’re a big coffee drinker try having one or two cups less per day! Smaller doses can help but too much can leave you anxious and jittery!

3) Drink more water! Our bodies crave water and need to stay hydrated! Often we miss the signs! Keep a water bottle on your desk or in your car for convenience!

4) Exercise, just a few minutes of exercise a day can help increase your energy level. Anyone can take 5 to 10 minutes even if at work to do some stretching or go for short walk, you’ll reap the benefits.

5) Breath in some fresh air! Step outside for a few moments even on a rainy or cloudy day, fresh air has a way of boosting your mood!

6) Play a brain game! Just a few minutes of this type of stimulation can increase your focus and step up your thinking!

7) Put on some relaxing music, nature sounds or even something classical has been known to energize!

8) Get enough sleep! Don’t burn the candle at both ends and expect to be full of get up and go the next day! Our bodies need sleep to refuel us!

9) Ditch the sugary snacks! Replace your muffins and cookie habit with fresh fruit and veggies. Easy to cut up and take to work or wherever your going for the day!

10) Add something new to your routine, change up something, anything, really! Getting yourself in a rut can stifle creativity!

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013


The definition of fascination by the Merriam Webster dictionary simple means, a) the quality or power of fascinating b) something fascinating c) the state of being fascinated: the state of feeling an intense interest in something. 

Today I spent the morning with a friend and her daughter in law and two little grandkids. The children are twins that are almost 2 years old. We took them to a local airport for a lunch outing and to watch the planes and helicopters landing and taking off. The little boy Eli was especially fascinated by all the airplanes and got very excited when he spotted the helicopters in the sky. He kept saying airplane, helicopter, airplane, helicopter… so cute! Aw, the simple, yet amazing things that we as adults often forget to marvel at. 

Here are some Fascinating Facts that perhaps you never thought about: for more info. on these facts check out this site, Did You Know

1) The first submarine was designed in 1578, sketched out by Leonardo da Vinci

2) Light bulbs were in use before Thomas Edison applied for the paten in 1879

3) The first box of Crayola Crayons sold for a nickel in 1903

4) The human head consisting of the cranium and facial bones contains a total of 22 bones.

5) Cows do not have upper front teeth

6) Diamonds are the hardest natural substance on earth but if hit hard with a hammer will shatter or split

7) The muscle in your eye that causes you to blink is the fastest muscle in the body, blinking around 15 000 times a day.

8) Tomatoes are the world’s most popular fruit

9) If you’re an August baby you are born in the month with the highest birth rate.

10) Bicycles were sketched out by Leonard da Vinci but a Frenchman named De Sivrac built the first bicycle-style transportation in 1690

Well just a few fascinating facts, did you learn something new? 

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