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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Patience is a Key Ingredient for Life

So here we are in March and the snowflakes came down again yesterday.  So weird to see snow this late but the temperatures are still very cold and people are still dressing for winter.  However, yesterday I felt like baking some spring theme sugar cookies.  Why not bring a little sunshine into the house!   

I like to bake but sometimes I'm not sure why I choose to do baking that takes a lot of patience like sugar cookies that you have to roll and cut out and then decorate with pretty icing colors.  I guess it is nice to see them finished and know that I hung in there til the end. 

I made butterflies and cupcakes.  Royal icing is not one that I make often and can be a little finicky as you have to get the perfect consistency to outline your cookies and then another called a flooding consistency to fill in the cookie.  Of course you need to separate your icing into small bowls and add gel paste or food coloring to have a variety of colors to use.  Then it definitely takes some practice and lots of patience to outline with a steady hand and fill in your cookie so that it looks appealing.  Although I'm sure in my house my hubby or sons would gobble them up no matter what they looked like.  I enjoyed making them to some degree but did find I got a little tired and impatient after decorating a dozen or so! 

Patience is something we get better at through time, trials, and experiences in life. I believe it builds character.  There are so many instances and circumstances in life where we need a great deal of patience. Whether it is at work, while driving, in relationships, with a friend or in your family we all can be challenged. Patience takes practice and we can all find little ways to practice our patience that can help us with the times we really need to call on those skills.  Perhaps we can learn to listen more, not react so quickly, not interrupt as much and over all be a little more empathetic.  

Ahhh, I think it's time for a cookie!