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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

How Much is Too Much

We've all heard that daily exercise around 30 minutes a day is beneficial to ones health. Finding a balance in your routines is crucial to not attaining burn out. This not only applies to work/home life but to a fitness and exercise routine as well. If you go to a fitness gym regularly you may notice many of the same people working out when you're there each day! Recently I have talked to some of the folks that are there and many say they're working out up to five days a week, attending fitness classes as well as working out on cardio machines and doing free weights each day as well. That's a lot of fitness training! So how do you know when 'too much of a good thing' is just that 'too much'?  I have seen it happen to several people that used to be regular gym goers',  they did fitness classes several times a week, got themselves in fantastic shape and then burned themselves out! Now many of them do nothing because they over did it. They say 'ya, I should get back to the gym but now their motivation is gone!

Many people are constantly preoccupied with their need to exercise and for some this can become a real issue. They feel anxious or irritable if they mess up their workout schedule. Sometimes these people skip meals and restrict their diets to a point of unhealthiness. Many people seem to be unhappy no matter what physical goals they reach.

Clearly we can see from society that exercise is essential and necessary and most people need more of it but many people are confused as to how much is too much or how much is good for us. There are lots of conflicting messages on social media, talk shows and adverts that dictate what people choose to do in regards to being physically active. Staying active and keeping ones self in good physical shape is important and should be a priority for everyone.When a person is happy, healthy and balanced this is when each is there best self. Taking care of ones body will spill over into every area of life and make every day activities and caring for others easier and more enjoyable.

So Balance it is, I hope you find yours!