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Monday, April 16, 2018

Everyone Needs a Hobby

Well if you have a full time job working for someone or if you have your own small business whether brick and mortar or online it is still beneficial to have a hobby.  All work and no play makes 'Jack or Jill' dull.   

All business all the time puts a lot of pressure on one's self and can actually be harmful to your health.  I know these day's everyone is overwhelmingly over worked and extremely busy. It can be hard to stay on top of things at times for sure.  I wonder how many people consider themselves extremely busy but are really just in the habit of wasting time. We all know how many moments can be wasted away on social media sites, watching television and just sitting thinking about the things we need to get done.  

According to Parkinson's Law which is the adage that "work expands so as to fill the time available for it's completion". Basically meaning that things take as much time as you have. Having a hobby actually can help you structure your time and be much more efficient with the time that you have. 

Many people opt for filling their time by watching sports or surfing the web, these things are fine sometimes but by doing something active or scheduled can actually help us use our time more efficiently.  

Schedule a time for a book club meeting, a game of tennis, your gym workout, scrap booking, painting a picture. Something that relaxes you and makes you feel good when you're finished. Hobbies make you a more interesting person too, they add richness to your identity and can help you connect with people you may not ordinarily talk to. It has been said that hobbies are great for helping people to cope with stress they remind you that you have many facets to your identity.  

My hobby is crafting. I love crafts of all sorts, hard to put a label on exactly which ones.  Everything from scrap book paper crafts, to sewing, making flowers, creating cards, doing whimsical drawings.  All of things things I find relaxing and fun. Of course, I still have to be in the creative mood in order to do them but that seems to be quite often.    

Here are some of my latest craft projects that I've been working on. 

Friday, April 6, 2018

Learning Styles

Lately I've been thinking about the various ways that we learn. Did you know that you most likely have a dominant learning style. Most people learn in a variety of ways but often lean more to one dominant style. You may find that you prefer different styles depending on the circumstance you're in or may find that you can adapt to many various learning styles. 

I know for myself I tend to prefer, visual and physical methods when I am learning a new skill or craft. This is the way that I seem to grasp and remember things the best.  

There are seven known types of learning styles. 

1. Visual (spatial) Learning through images, pictures and spatial understanding

2. Aural (musical) learning through sound and music

3. Verbal (linguistic) learning through words, speaking and writing

4. Physical (kinesthetic) using your body, hands and sense of touch

5. Logical (mathematical) you learn through logic, reasoning and systems

6. Social (interpersonal) you like to learn in groups or with others

7. Solitary (intrapersonal) you like to work or study alone

I'm sure that after reading this list you recognize your own preferred learning methods. Every style of learning uses different areas of the brain according to research.  Learning styles influence your life, decision making and guide the way that you learn.  I just found this interesting and thought I'd share about it today. Hope you enjoyed the read. 

Stay active, keep learning new things and embrace every day! :-)