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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Take The Stress Out of Your Christmas

It's so hard to believe we are well into the month of December. Have you got it all together? I know this busy time of year can be stressful for so many people. Trying to create the perfect home, decorating, baking, finding the 'perfect' gift for your spouse or children. It can be over whelming if you let it.  

Here's a checklist with simple ideas to help you focus on what's important and keep the stress out of Christmas. 

1. Have a plan, so important but of course by now your plans should be well underway and many of them finished. If not it might be time to look at your goals again and even take a couple things off the list if possible. Remember the true meaning of the season, if you are a christian family keep your priorities and values at the top of your list. 

2. If you have family events to attend, dinners and family get together's be sure to mark the calendar and let other family members know of the plans well in advance.  

3. If the gift giving has become a burden and unnecessary for your family or extended family members speak up. Remember not everyone has extra money to spend on several gifts and the whole shopping thing is not pleasant for everyone. Many families opt to do a white elephant gift game or set a price limit and have a gift exchange rather than purchasing gifts for everyone. Another option is to donate to a charity that you might choose as a family and bless others this way.  This can relieve a lot of the holiday stress for people.

4. Don't put pressure and high expectations on your family members or friends. If people can't attend your party or family get together don't take it personally.  Allow other's the same courtesy that you'd expect. 

5. Plan your Christmas dinner menu well in advance. Stock up on kitchen staples that you know you'll need. If your family is large and the gathering is big assign food dishes to other family members. Everyone likes to bring something at this time of year and contribute to the dinner.  It's even okay to buy some baked goods if the time has run out for you to do your Christmas baking. Most people are okay with this. 

As you head into the final weeks before Christmas take a some time for yourself if even just to take a brisk walk each day, get to the gym or sit down and read a few chapters of a book. These things will keep your energy up and give you more focus as things begin to get busier.  I wish all my readers much peace and joy this Christmas season. Blessings to all for a wonderful 2018. 

Thanks a Latte Gifttag