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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Learning, Learning, Learning

It's been a crazy running around kind of day today! My youngest son (17 in a few weeks) happily just got his braces off! Yeah, after 2yrs./9months. That was a long time! His teeth look great now, nice and straight and finally he can smile again, he never liked to smile fully with those braces on!

Well I've been busy working on some new lenses, actually just finished a delightful lens featuring all of my Christmas and holiday cards that I have designed! I know Christmas is a ways away but this was a project for the rocketmoms group I belong too! I was so happy yesterday as I taught myself some html programming just enough to add a few touches to my lenses! My husband calls me his 'fearless' learner! Keeping busy designing and coming up with new and interesting ideas for my zazzle store. I've been designing some great gifts for 'Father's Day'. Pop on into my store and have a look around! Shell's Designs

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Finale - Kris or Adam

Some Great Garden Designs that I created for these t-shirts, mugs and stickers.

Well I'm blogging while watching the finale of American Idol! It's the big night, is it Kris or Adam? I missed Tues. show so I don't know who did better or stood out the most last night! I think it's going to be pretty exciting! Anyhow, aside from this I've been learning lots of new things the last few days! Let's see I joined,this is a really cool photo sharing site, if you haven't heard about it you should check it out! People from all over can post their own photos and share them with others. This is so great! I added about 15 of my own photos for sharing, this allows people who may not be able to get photos of something they're interested in or need a picture of to have access. Really cool! I've been busy designing some products for my zazzle store. I went to a great park this past weekend and took about 40 photographs while wandering around! Enjoyed the ocean air and walking with my husband! While that's it for now, chat again soon!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cartoon Characters

Do you love funny cartoon characters? They just have so much personality by the expressions on their faces. I've been busy drawing and designing products with cute fruit characters. I've done an apple, orange, banana, lemon, lime and pears. It was my husbands idea, actually! I really like how they turned out, and I've had some great comments on them already! Hopefully, they'll turn into big selling products! They were really fun to design and each one kind of has it's own personality! I've been doing lots of article writing lately too! Busy going to the gym and of course keeping up with the unending housework! Oh ya, I had a great bulk sale on one of my floral t-shirts today, that was awesome! I'll chat again soon, have a great week!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spring Planting

Well it's a rainy day today, so glad I got my pansies planted in the front flower garden yesterday. Added a little bright green cypress tree to the back garden and half a dozen or so marigolds! It sure brightened it up! My lilac tree is blooming beautifully for the second year now, yeah! I think I'll go snip a few sprigs to bring in the house! Love the scent of lilacs!
I've been working on new lenses for squidoo, enjoying learning new things from other 'Rocket Moms' My latest lens is one I created about Black Forest Trifle and other great trifle recipes. You can view it under my squidoo lenses in the sidebar. I did some fun drawings for this lens too, I used them on some of my zazzle products. Also been busy drawing some 'Cala Lilies' and these look really pretty on postage stamps and magnets too. Well better get back to work the day goes fast!