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Monday, December 12, 2016

Adventures in the Snow

White powder trails, trees painted with blankets of snow, frozen lakes covered in sheets of white, are you feelin' it? Today was my first experience snowshoeing, well other than when I was in elementary school and we did some snowshoeing with the old wooden snowshoes that you could barely walk in. Today my husband and I drove up to Seymour Mountain about an hour drive from our home. As we got closer to the mountain we came upon tall forests of trees with heavy snow laden branches, the sides of the roads had snow banks piled high from the plows that cleared the roads earlier.  It was a beautiful scenic drive.  

Arriving at the mountain we found the Snow Shoe Rental Hut and got our gear. We happened to be the first people heading out on the snowshoe trails this morning. So yes, we got to make the first tracks in the fresh powdery snow. So cool! We looped are way around following the well marked trails and stopped half way to pour ourselves some hot chocolate that we had brought along.

I made a snow angel and we had some fun tossing snow at each other. The snow was too soft to make snowballs. It was about -4 out but we were dressed in layers and plenty warm. We covered about 4km. All in all it was a perfect morning snow adventure. A great experience! If  you haven't tried snowshoeing before, you should give it a whirl, it's as easy as walking, just using a little wider stance.