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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tiptoe Through The Tulips

As I was driving home from the gym today, I was noticing all the pretty tulips and daffodils in gardens. I love seeing the flowers bloom, it just gives you such a great feeling to see all that growth, colour and beauty. Did you know that Tulips actually originated in Turkey. The name ‘tulip’ comes from the Turkish word ‘tulbend’, which stands for turban. Interesting hey, I always thought tulips originated in Holland but they didn’t.  Here I’ll share some of my tulip photos that I’ve taken and used on products for my store and a few designs that I created and put on t-shirts. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Making Easter Treats

Have you heard of ‘cake pops’ or ‘cake balls’? I heard of these fun treats by Bakerella (you can find her on youtube) and I had been wanting to try to make them so yesterday I got motivated and decided to make some for Easter. I chose yellow, blue and lavender for my chocolate colours. You could make these for all kinds of parties from birthday parties to baby and wedding showers. These would also be a great project for moms or grandma’s to make with the kids. Only a few ingredients required and a little creative juice! I also just finished an article that shows the steps to make these! Making Delicious Cake Balls

I’ve been designing cute ‘cake’ designs for my store and using them on a variety of products.  Stop by to see more, Designs by Shell

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Birthday Party Themes

Do you have some birthdays coming up in your family. If so perhaps you’ll be hosting a birthday party for one of your children or a spouse or maybe a parent. They can be a lot of fun to put together especially if you turn it into a theme birthday. There are so many fun themes to do for a kids birthday. For boys there is the pirate party, bowling party or sports party theme. For girls you could host a princess party, spa party or dance party theme. There are of course lots of themes that would work for boys and girls as well as for a mix of ages. One could have a cupcake theme party, a pool or swimming party, garden party or barbeque theme party. Pick your theme and tie all of the decorations, food, cake and games to that theme. Here you’ll find some cute invitations that I’ve designed in a variety of different themes. To see more visit my store Designs by Shell.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Creating Cartoon Animals

Well, it’s no secret that one of my favourite things to create and draw are cartoon animals. I love to come up with interesting positions and funny expressions for them. Then I like to add humorous sayings or messages to them. This last week I’ve designed the cutest teddy bears in spring dresses ( what… teddy bears aren’t animals) for birthday party invitations. I’ve also drawn some cool cats and redesigned a beaver that I created a while back. It’s great that there is no right or wrong when creating your own characters they just are what they are! I’ll share some of them with you here. Hope you enjoy them and to see more come by my store Designs by Shell.