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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Marketing Plans and Wrapping Up 2018

Here we are in the final weeks of December, 2018.  Time to reflect on all that's taken place this past year and savor the blessings and good memories of your journey. Whether you've had a rough year dealing with health issues, relationships, financial struggles or other things it's time to look up and see all that you have been blessed with. We take so many things for granted these days. My husband and I have this saying of 'first world problems' when we find ourselves complaining or whining about something that is usually so trivial. Really we have been given an amazing life full of wonderful family, friends and blessings. 

As we move forward it's time for me to look at some SEO and marketing ideas for 2019. Changes are constant in technology and it is overwhelming and hard to keep up with the new information.  So as time allows I will be adjusting some of my marketing plans and trying some new things for the new year. 

As always I will be busy coming up with some new designs and images for Designs by Shell. I will look at what my best selling designs and products have been and go from there.  Thank you to all my customers from around the world. I still think it is so amazing to work from home and be able to sell my designs all over the world.  

So I am wishing my reader's a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous and blessed new year! 

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Monday, November 12, 2018

Count Down to Christmas #20 Andes Mints Treat Holders

Sweet little snowman treat favors. See how to make these for your friends and family. Fill with Andes mints or any other little treats you like.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Count Down to Christmas #18 Rustic Reindeer Gift Tags

Over Whelmed by Shopping Malls

Okay so I'm sure I am not the only person here that gets over whelmed and a bit anxious when I go to the shopping malls. Which I really do not do very often anymore. I am fine to go in one or two stores but then after seeing all the excessive products and rows and rows of clothing I can barely think.  It's like my mind goes blank and I forgot what I came for. Are you with me here?  

I'm calling it shopping mall overwhelm!  First off I'm not too big on crowds and oodles of people all around me and then add all the items and shops exploding with every product you could ever think of. This becomes to much for me so I prefer to go at times of the day when not many people are there yet, like early mornings mainly.  I also choose now to skip the mall and just go to a bigger store like Winner's or Home Sense where I can find most everything I'm looking for.  Get in and be finished in a short time.

Best of all shopping online has become one of my favorite ways to avoid crowds and anxiety.  Online shopping is the best as it can be done from the comfort of home any time of day or night. No pressure from sales people or being seduced into spontaneous purchases.  It is so much more relaxing and this is the type of shopping many people are turning too.  Great for our online businesses and probably our mental health too!   Let me know if you feel the same way or you perhaps you're one of those people that get energized by the mall and all the hustle and bustle! 

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Count Down to Christmas #17 Christmas Treat Pockets

Quick and easy treat pocket holders. Fill with your favorite Christmas treat for gift giving or table favors.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Count Down to Christmas #16 Inspirational Bookmarks and Pockets

Creative and inspirational bookmarks with pocket sleeves to put them in. Make several in minutes!  Great for craft fair items too!

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Count Down to Christmas #15 Ideas for Packaging Your Gift Tags and Cards

Count Down to Christmas project #15, woa, the time is flying by. I can hardly

believe I've done fifteen craft projects already!  Check out how I package my gift tags and cards for giving or craft fairs.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

 She'll love this cute fashion theme holiday stocking. Rose gold faux glitter accent the cuff, heel and toe. A fashionable handbag with flowers and a classy take out coffee beverage add a touch of class. Ready to personalize with a name or a saying as desired. 

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Benefits of Daily Walking

I hope you like to walk! If you're like me, I love to get a good fast paced walk in at least 5 days a week. Sometimes I even trade my gym workout ( I know) for a walk because I just love being outdoors so much.  

Whether it's a walk in the neighborhood or out in a woodsy trail it's all good!  Sometimes I will track my walks on my phone app, Strava just to let me know how far I've walked in a week. It's just kind of neat to know the statistics and keep myself motivated at the same time. 

A couple of times a week I will walk with a friend. So it's a not only good cardio but a good time for chatting and catching up. This morning because the sun was shining and the temperature was good I walked 4 km myself. This evening I will be walking with my friend and we usually walk around 5 - 6 km. So that's a pretty good exercise in cardio, I'd say! 

Many studies have listed numerous benefits of walking daily or often.  Here are some of them:

- improves cognitive brain function
- is said to be cancer fighting (American Society for Clinical Oncology)
- keeps your cardiovascular system working well, helping your heart pump blood
- known to improve your mood and state of mind
- helps keep your muscles and bones strong

Those are enough great reasons to keep my walking up, hope you can get out for your daily stroll too! 

Count Down to Christmas #10 Reindeer Gift Tags

Time to get working on your holiday gift tags. Get some creative ideas here.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Count Down to Christmas #8 Paper Flower Decor

Create some beautiful paper flowers for your Christmas decorating or gift toppers to give your friends and family! You can diy it!

Monday, October 1, 2018

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Friday, September 28, 2018

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Count Down to Christmas #4 Festive Slim Envelope Pockets

Christmas Slim Pocket Envelopes to make and fill. Whip several up

very quickly. Great for craft fairs and mini gifts.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Getting Ready For The Holidays

I've been playing around with some ideas and came up with this fresh and cute girly design for the holidays!  I know a lot of pink! 
I've really been into the color pink lately and so I thought I'd run with this,  loads of pink shopping bags and a pink coffee beverage cup! Perfect for the fashionista's and diva's out there!  A versatile design that I've used on everything from Christmas, bridal showers, thank you stickers and more. The design can be transferred to any number of products in the store. 

Pink Holiday Shopping and Coffee Collection

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Count Down To Christmas # 2 Layered Paper Pointsettia Flowers

Pointsettia the Christmas flower. Create some pretty decor with simple

and easy instructions. #papercrafting #Christmasideas

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Countdown to Christmas Mini Envelope Style Gift Box

Hi all, I am starting my series called Countdown to Christmas, this is the first of my craft ideas today. Every week I will be sharing new Christmas projects and decor ideas. Hope you enjoy!

Mini Envelope Style Gift Box, create and fill with treats of your choice.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Dressed Up Hostess Napkin Gifts

Keep a few of these easy to create hostess gifts in your stash for quick and easy giving!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Filling Up The Shop

Well it's now mid September and time to be focusing on new designs and upcoming holidays for my store. As you know with any business or store you have to be ahead of the game with your marketing.  Zazzle has given us a list of upcoming special days and celebrations that all shop keepers should be planning for. If you want to catch early sales and stay on par with other stores you have to be working on these things early, way before the holidays arrive. 

I have to admit I've been concentrating more on the marketing end of things and haven't been designing very much over the last few months. I realize now I better get hustling and fill my shop up with trendy and unique designs on products that will begin selling this fall and winter season.  

I've been inspired the last few days to play around with my paint program and have created a few new designs to share with you. Another great thing that Zazzle has recently added for the benefit of designers is that now all images can be transferred to any product. So if you see a design that say is on a t-shirt but you would like it on a coffee mug then you as the customer can go ahead and choose to have it placed on the cup.  That's a pretty cool feature and should benefit designers. 

 Designs by Shell
Visit the Shop

Altered Pink Initial Gift Tags

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Mini Tissue Pouch Tutorial

Get creative and follow this simple DIY to make these cute tissue pouch holders.

Take care of the sniffles! :-)

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Dragonfly Cards and Gift Tags

Dragonflies are said to exude a sense of power and pose. In most countries in the world they are seen as a symbol of change.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Christmas and Everyday CD Style Envelope Pockets

What Will September Bring

First day of September! Wow, hard to believe the lazy, warm days of summer have come to an end. However, I do love the fall and all that it brings. It's time for a shift even though I am not a fan of cold weather and the early dark mornings and evenings. 

Let's talk about the positive things for the fall months ahead. I look forward to extra coffee latte's, pumpkin pie, cozy sweaters and pulling out the boots. Walks in the fresh air and of course the colorful changes to the leaves and trees. 

This is also the time to focus on preparing for the holiday sales that will be starting soon. Creating some fresh designs for products in my shop. As well as finding inspiration for new craft ideas for my Youtube channel. This is an exciting time of year. I love to create and share things that I'm working on. So much to do...

Hope you have a great day as you begin your September activities, work and plans!  Stay Creative...

Monday, August 27, 2018

Gift Tags and Mini Envelopes for Kids Birthday Parties

If you've got kids birthday parties to go to then these gift tags and mini envelopes will be perfect for you to create. Simple and fun and always good to have on hand!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Make Your Own Donut and Coffee Gift Tags

Create fun gift tags using rubber stamps and adding an eyelet with the crop a dile tool!

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Pink Tulle Bows on Paper Clips

Dress up your notebooks, mark a page with a cute mini tulle bow paper clip! Easy to make!

Monday, August 20, 2018

Customize your invitations, birthday cards, thank you cards and even get a jump on your holiday cards. A great price, buy in bulk if you choose. There are hundreds of designs to select from. 

Sunday, August 19, 2018

How To Make Parchment Paper Bags

You can make your own cute little bags from parchment paper. Super fun and simple to do!

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Baby's First Christmas Ornaments

It's not too early to personalize and order your Baby's First Christmas ornament,

find these porcelain ornaments in a variety of shapes like ovals,hearts, stars and more.

Loads of cute designs to choose from. Easy to personalize.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Trimmed Up Shaker Pockets

Summer time crafting! Gotta fill the hot days with fun things to do! Pretty shaker pocket tags!

Monday, August 13, 2018

Thursday, August 9, 2018

How to Make 12 x 12 Envelope Pockets

Easy to create and fun to embellish. Make envelopes for your craft swaps and happy mail.

Take Time to Pick the Wild Berries

Summer in B.C. lower mainland is always abundant in berries. As I've been cycling a lot with my husband this summer we have been blessed many times to be able to stop and pick blackberries that grow wild here. We always cycle with an empty container this time of year so we can fill it up with those ripe, big juicy blackberries. 

When we return from our ride I will wash and flash freeze the blackberries on a cookie sheet for an hour or so and then add them to freezer bags and put them back in the freezer. This is so the berries don't stick together. Of course we always leave some fresh ones out to just nibble on or add to our ice cream. So refreshing! I also made a blackberry buckle dessert one evening. Just one of many favorite things about summer time.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Friday, August 3, 2018

Let's Make 3 x 3 Mini Note Cards

Make some sweet mini note cards with matching envelopes using scrapbook paper. Great for giving as gifts too!

Monday, July 30, 2018

Flat Mail Mini Loaded Pockets

If you like to send happy mail to friends or fellow crafter's flat mail is the way to go!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Distinctive Paris Landmark Arc De Triomphe

Having been to Paris this year I thought I'd share the experience visiting the historic Paris landmark, the Arc De Triomphe. 

You will find this landmark in the Place Charles De Gaulle. Napoleon envisioned this triumphal arch to honor the troops that won the victory battle in Austerlitz in 1809. The type and design reflect ancient roman architecture but the massive size of the Arc De Triomphe is purely Napoleon style though due to it's massiveness it wasn't completed in Napoleon's lifetime. It stands 164 feet tall. It is now dedicated to honoring France's battles and military. 

As a tourist it is well worth the time to see this monument. It is free to walk around the base and under the arches but there is a fee if you want the experience of climbing the 280 stairs to the top. If Paris is most likely a one time experience for you then I think it is worth spending the money to experience the view from the top. There are fabulous picture opportunities and you will of course see the Eiffel Tower and amazing city views from there as well.  The stair climb is not that bad! 

Vive La France

Cool Summer Treat Card Making

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Time to Clean House

I don't know about you but this last week I've been in the organizing, gutting out, gettin' rid of stuff mode. It always enlightens me when I pass things on that I or my household is no longer using or in need of.  

Yesterday as I was reading in Fast Company magazine it was the issue on creative people in business. Little articles shared about how entrepreneurs inspired others. This one I read really caught my attention. It was by an woman named Margareta Magnusson who by the way is a first time author at the age of 84. Her book is called "The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning"! I know at first it sounds kind of morbid but then as I read on I could totally relate to it. According to Fast Company, she released her first publication last October and her book will eventually reach 29 countries around the world. That's pretty amazing to accomplish at 84 years of age. The gist of her book is about freeing yourself from being bogged down with unnecessary clutter basically cleaning out and getting rid of your stuff before someone else has to do it for you like your spouse or children. Thus the name 'Death Cleaning'. Margareta Magnusson says that "shredding old papers and finding a new home for heirlooms before you're gone can help make your loved ones' memories of you nice instead of awful." Who doesn't want that, right! Her book is written in her Scandinavian humor style. She says "that while the concept of 'dostadning' is particular to Sweden, the values behind it are not. According to Fast Company, Margareta also says "most people have too many things around them and can't function because of all the unnecessary stuff they need to take care of that they don't really need at all." 

So perhaps after reading this you are a little inspired to clean your house, get rid of some things you are no longer using. Free yourself from the burden of 'stuff'! Certainly can't hurt, right! 

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Confused With The Labels of Lifestyle Diets

The past few years it seems there are more and more buzz words referring to different life style diet choices. This has become really confusing for many people. Unless you happen to have one or more people in your family or household that lives by one of these you probably aren't completely sure of what each one stands for. 

I thought I'd share a few to break down the differences.  

Let's start with:

The Clean Diet - This diet goes on the basis of avoiding processed foods. Eating foods that are preservative and chemical free. It is based on eating several small meals a day rather than the typical 3 meals that would normally be consumed. Allowing your food to be metabolized easier. It consists of lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Organic is a good choice here.  Basically no refined foods. 

The Paleo Diet -   This diet is based on a pre-agricultural diet. One that is derived from grass produced meats, fish, fruit and vegetables as well as high in nuts and seeds, oils and avocado and coconut.  Those that follow this diet stay away from pre-packaged, pre-cooked and bulk foods. 

The Vegan Diet -  The vegan diet steers clear off all meat, fish, poultry and animal by-products. This includes eggs, honey and dairy products. A very strict diet so can be challenging for people to stick to.  Bottom line is you consume nothing that comes from an animal. 

The Vegetarian Diet -  The vegetarian diet consists of fruits, vegetables, legumes, beans and seeds, some grains and can include cheese and other dairy products.  No meat products but some vegetarians may consume fish or seafood. 

The Gluten Free Diet -  This diet usually comes about because of a sensitivity or intolerance to wheat, barley and rye. Those who have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease or have a high intolerance to these substances experience fewer symptoms and complications when they follow and eliminate wheat products from their diet. 

Well I hope this sheds a little light on some of the life style diets out there. I believe your body will let you know perhaps with some experimenting what foods and diet lifestyle is right for you. Just do you...

How to Make Shaker Gift Tags

Saturday, May 26, 2018

How to Make Treat Favor Boxes for Table Favors

Find New Inspiration

It's the end of May and many people are feeling tired and burned out, ready for summer holidays but they are still a little ways off. So how does one go about finding inspiration and keeping your focus during those tough days ahead? 

Well there are a number of simple and approachable ways to pull yourself out of a rut and find motivation even if it's just in small things you do. 

1. Work on small tasks whether at your job or at home. Do things in small increments and you'll feel more accomplished. 

2. Add some exercise to your day. Walk around the block where you work on your lunch hour or break. Take a bike ride or nature walk in the evening after your work day, you might be surprised how much energy this gives you.

3. Stop trying to please everyone and be perfect all the time. This can be exhausting mentally and physically. Just always do your best and trust that it is good enough. 

4. Get together with a friend, have coffee or tea and share a little. This can help you ease anxiety and may perk you up. 

5.Set a small goal for yourself with a reward. Perhaps a special coffee, a mani/pedi, or something you've been wanting to buy but felt you shouldn't. 

6. Read some articles or blogs that can help inspire you. Even a Youtube of some one else's work or hearing a challenge that they've overcome can be of inspiration. 

7. Look back at your accomplishments. All long term goals took time and were done in small increments to make them happen. Be proud of yourself, it's okay!  

8. Do what makes your soul happy! At the end of the day you want to be happy so maybe you need to make some changes in your life, your work, your future. Look for ways to accomplish these things if possible. 

I'm always working on ways to move forward with my design business. Always new things to learn and implement. 

I'm sure it's the same no matter what work you do. So I hope you get refreshed and find new fun ways to be inspired. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Protest Demonstration Breaks Out at the Eiffel Tower

Okay, well I just arrived home from Paris, France a day ago. Amazing trip with my hubby visiting a place many only get to read about. Seeing all of the historic sites, like the Eiffel Tower, the Louver, Pantheons and taking walks along the Seine River, visiting numerous shops and restaurants. Finding our favorite 'boulangerie' and having the most delicious croissants and cappuccino's for breakfast. 

While heading to the Eiffel Tower, we were just a block away from it and suddenly there was a rush of about 100 police piling out of there vehicles with guns and shields rushing toward the tower. They didn't say anything to the public at all. So we figured out it must be to do with a demonstration protest. A little scary when you're not used to seeing things like this, never mind right beside you! We were told that this is quite a common thing that happens in Paris. 

Then moving on to Provence and joining a group of people from other countries for a 6 day bike tour with a company called Explore.  There were ten of us in the group plus our guides. Andrew and Erwin who where very knowledgeable and fun to be with. We stayed in unique and charming hotels and biked our way across the countryside of vineyards, poppies and various terrain. Through trails and winding hills we climbed our way to different villages that we were able to explore and stop for snacks and lunches. Our luggage was driven to each hotel so it was there when we arrived on our bikes. 

One day we had a fabulous tour of a vineyard and winery where we were served a wonderful lunch with wine tasting, fresh vegetables and the most luscious strawberries I've ever tasted.  While eating outside under the semi-covered patio area we experienced a flash flood of rain and hail that came down in torrents. Once it stopped we continued our bike ride that day but the rain began again and we all got extremely wet, we were able to huddle in a the cover of a bike shop for a bit until it settled down. 

Another day we rode up a very long hill through the Dolomites and to a huge outdoor market in Gourd.  All kinds of food items and a variety of jewelry, apparel and other items. We tried nougat candy and of course bought some amazing candied nuts. We bought some delicious food for a picnic lunch too! 

All in all it was a fantastic way to see the country, making friends and enjoying new experiences that will last a lifetime.  

Monday, April 16, 2018

Everyone Needs a Hobby

Well if you have a full time job working for someone or if you have your own small business whether brick and mortar or online it is still beneficial to have a hobby.  All work and no play makes 'Jack or Jill' dull.   

All business all the time puts a lot of pressure on one's self and can actually be harmful to your health.  I know these day's everyone is overwhelmingly over worked and extremely busy. It can be hard to stay on top of things at times for sure.  I wonder how many people consider themselves extremely busy but are really just in the habit of wasting time. We all know how many moments can be wasted away on social media sites, watching television and just sitting thinking about the things we need to get done.  

According to Parkinson's Law which is the adage that "work expands so as to fill the time available for it's completion". Basically meaning that things take as much time as you have. Having a hobby actually can help you structure your time and be much more efficient with the time that you have. 

Many people opt for filling their time by watching sports or surfing the web, these things are fine sometimes but by doing something active or scheduled can actually help us use our time more efficiently.  

Schedule a time for a book club meeting, a game of tennis, your gym workout, scrap booking, painting a picture. Something that relaxes you and makes you feel good when you're finished. Hobbies make you a more interesting person too, they add richness to your identity and can help you connect with people you may not ordinarily talk to. It has been said that hobbies are great for helping people to cope with stress they remind you that you have many facets to your identity.  

My hobby is crafting. I love crafts of all sorts, hard to put a label on exactly which ones.  Everything from scrap book paper crafts, to sewing, making flowers, creating cards, doing whimsical drawings.  All of things things I find relaxing and fun. Of course, I still have to be in the creative mood in order to do them but that seems to be quite often.    

Here are some of my latest craft projects that I've been working on. 

Friday, April 6, 2018

Learning Styles

Lately I've been thinking about the various ways that we learn. Did you know that you most likely have a dominant learning style. Most people learn in a variety of ways but often lean more to one dominant style. You may find that you prefer different styles depending on the circumstance you're in or may find that you can adapt to many various learning styles. 

I know for myself I tend to prefer, visual and physical methods when I am learning a new skill or craft. This is the way that I seem to grasp and remember things the best.  

There are seven known types of learning styles. 

1. Visual (spatial) Learning through images, pictures and spatial understanding

2. Aural (musical) learning through sound and music

3. Verbal (linguistic) learning through words, speaking and writing

4. Physical (kinesthetic) using your body, hands and sense of touch

5. Logical (mathematical) you learn through logic, reasoning and systems

6. Social (interpersonal) you like to learn in groups or with others

7. Solitary (intrapersonal) you like to work or study alone

I'm sure that after reading this list you recognize your own preferred learning methods. Every style of learning uses different areas of the brain according to research.  Learning styles influence your life, decision making and guide the way that you learn.  I just found this interesting and thought I'd share about it today. Hope you enjoyed the read. 

Stay active, keep learning new things and embrace every day! :-)

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Learn How To Promote With YouTube

Whether you are just starting out on Youtube or have been using it for awhile, I'm sure you had to learn how to promote your videos and market yourself.  I am currently on a journey to learn how to do this successfully and efficiently.  I've been reading lots of informative blogs and listening to many Youtubes to find the best ways to do this. 

So here's a list of things that I have found necessary to help grow your Youtube channel. 

1) Customize your channel. Make it your own. Include some information about yourself or your business and add a profile picture. People like to connect with real people, it's much less personal if you use a generic image. 

2) Choose good keywords for your videos.  Do your research.

3) Add your business url to your videos.  Draw people in. 

4) Use many different calls to action. You want people to interact with you so in this day and age you must ask them and sometimes in several varied ways.  

Please rate this video.  Thumbs up if you like it! Leave me a comment. Subscribe to my video. Please share it with your friends.
Follow me on social media. Check out my channel.

5) Soft Sell. Market gently.

6) Visit similar themed videos to yours and leave a comment. 

7) Create a playlist.  This is something I"ve yet to try but sounds interesting.  
How it works:
Add your video to a new playlist
Add good videos on the same topic from other people
Choose a great searchable name for the playlist 

8) You made your videos, now you have to promote them. Use your social media sites to share. Embed a clip on your blog, like I've done. Email your videos to friends or a contact list. Ask them to share.  

I hope these tips will help you as you either begin or continue your Youtube journey!  

Thanks for visiting my channel, subscribing and liking. Let me know if I can do the same for you!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Comforts of Working From Home

Working from home can be great when you consider all of the comforts and perks that go with it. However if you don't have your work space or office set up properly it can also be a distraction. For myself I need organization. I can't work when there is too much clutter or the area is messy. Everyone works differently, I know. 

There are things that are definitely essentials that you need in an office space when you work from home.  You will need a designated room or portion of a room that provides you with a quiet place to concentrate when needed and allow you to get tasks done in an orderly fashion.  A space with plenty of windows that let in natural light is one that is important to me. Dark spaces are hard to work in. 

A good desk with a computer or laptop set up is necessary for all online businesses.  Some people like adjustable desks for a variety of work tasks they may be doing. A desk should be large enough to hold desk accessories and items that you'll want at your fingertips. Adding a few personal decor items is a nice touch too. 

A solid adjustable chair that is comfortable is very important as sometimes you are spending a lot of time in it. Being able to vary the height and lean back occasionally can help you get through long sessions. 

A desk lamp or task light is another essential as you can position it where you want it to shine as you work. 

My coffee definitely has a place on my desk and I refill it a few times as I am working. It gets me up from the desk so I can stretch and get a brief walk up the stairs to the kitchen to refill it. 

Is there something that you consider essential on your desk?  Maybe it's a snack or your phone or a picture that inspires you! 

I've been creating youtube video's lately and working back into my routine a little more. ( If you read my last post you'll know what I'm talking about)  

Here is the latest one I created to showcase my dental designs. Thanks for watching! 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Sometimes You Have to Work Around It

Hi all, this is just a short post today as I have to limit my time on the computer right now due to a pinched nerve in my neck and upper back. Ugh... so many things I want to get done.  Physio appointments feel like they are taking over my life right now, lol! Oh well, sometimes you have to work around the things that happen to you and do things a little differently for awhile.  I can't imagine living with a chronic illness that debilitates and prevents you from doing everyday things. I know many people deal with harsh health issues daily, it must take a lot of strength and energy.  

For now I will just be doing around an hour or so a day of online business, marketing and designing. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I'll be able to get back to my routines, kind of makes me feel a bit useless. My husband said, just rest, get some good books and do what you can! 

You've probably noticed that I've been creating lots of Youtube videos to showcase different products and themes from my store, Designs by Shell.  I hope you're able to enjoy these. I appreciate the thumbs up and any one that subscribes to my channel as I get going on this. 

Here is the latest one that I've made. Thanks for watching. 

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Create, Design and Sell

When something you do for your business can be used in more ways than one it could be called dual purpose or something that goes hand in hand. As I enjoy crafting, creating and then using what I've created as images on items that I can sell in my store it gives me satisfaction and makes me feel more productive. 

Recently I have been really fascinated with making a variety of fabric flowers. These are beautiful for decorating purposes in my home. Also to add to vases or use as decor on wreaths as well as they make wonderful gifts.  Aside from the enjoyment I get creating these flowers I also take photos of the projects and where I can I use these on items in my store. For example I have used some of the images on wedding invitations, table napkins, cards and other stationary items that I sell. This makes my products extremely unique and I get both the benefit of creating the items physically and then using them digitally. I love it. Here is a sample of some of the flowers I've made and then some that I've applied to products. 

White Silk Floral Table Napkins

Perhaps there are things you can do for your business that can serve more than one purpose. Might be time to take a look at how you are doing things and see if you can get creative with new methods.

I am busy designing and looking at new trends for 2018 that I can work with to continue to move my business into the new year. I hope you find some inspiration and fresh ideas to keep your business moving ahead.  


Monday, January 8, 2018

Struggling to Keep Your Goals

Many people use the start of a new year to set new goals for themselves. It's great to have goals, dreams and aspirations to reach for. Most people begin with great intentions of keeping and realizing the desires that they have set out for themselves but somewhere along the way those goals and good intentions become a struggle and get lost on the journey of life.  

It takes great discipline to achieve and reach your goals. Focusing on the results that you really want to see is what will get you there. Discipline is not easy but we all know nothing good comes easy. Whether your goal is to start a new business, go on a trip, save money for a new vehicle, lose weight whatever it is, it takes discipline. 

Many of us get lost because we don't define our reason for reaching our goals. It's great to say that I want to exercise and go to the gym 4 days a week but without a solid reason to back up why you want to achieve this goal you'll likely find excuses to skip your workouts, cut them short or end up not going at all.  Why do you want to exercise regularly perhaps it's because you need to keep yourself in better shape, lose weight or increase your muscle strength. Define your goal and write down your reasons to help you stay on track. Be clear about what you want. 

Perhaps one of your goals is to read 6 books on leadership or business this year. Is it just to say you've read 6 books or is it because you want to create your own business in the coming year or to increase your knowledge to become a more effective leader at your current job. Continual learning takes focus but this is how successful people achieve their goals. It takes training yourself and disciplining yourself everyday. 

Life is busy and keeping your goals moving forward may be a struggle. Balancing life, work, family while maintaining health and fitness is a challenge. Something I recently heard was to not let your emotions or emotional state be the driver in your decision to keep working your goals. Realizing it's a struggle for everyone at times. I mean who wants to get up at 6am to go to the gym (okay maybe a real morning person) or to get there after a long day of work, no one but truly this is where the discipline and clarity of your goals comes in. Don't let your emotions be what ruins your goals and outcomes.  I can struggle with this too, but I choose to hit the alarm off and get out of bed before my emotions get a chance to decide for me. If I want to achieve my goal I have to do it whether I want to or not. 

You can be a goal setter and be disciplined through training yourself for whatever it is you desire to do.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

One Word Challenge

We have arrived at 2018 and it seems this last year has flown by with lightning speed. As I was thinking about what to blog about today, the One Word Challenge came to mind. A single word can be a powerful thing. Choosing just one word is not as easy as one might think, many have come to mind as I am reflecting on the past year and looking forward to what's coming ahead.

Of course, none of us know what any given day, week or month may hold but we should look ahead with hope and perhaps choosing one word will help with direction and set the tone for the new year. 

Think about moving forward in the new year being guided by one word. How would you choose your word and what would it mean to you? Ponder what you want to see happen in your life in 2018. 

Think about your one word? What do you want to define your vision of moving forward for this next year?  It can seem like just a simple little word, but it can have great meaning and an even bigger impact over the course of the year. Putting intention and clear direction behind actions, can be life changing.

After much thought I have chosen the word 'fearless' for my one word. 
Dictionary - FEARLESS without fear; bold or brave; intrepid.

- to have courage when I feel apprehensive
- to be at ease when I feel nervous
- to stay positive when I am fearful

So what will your one word be? Leave a comment, share your word for 2018!  

Words carry so much power and influence more than we give them credit for. I wish all my readers a blessed 2018, choose your words wisely! :-)