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Friday, June 3, 2011

Why You Should Have a Facebook Fan Page

Have you joined the ultimate site to market your business. Facebook has become a huge new advertising platform for your company. There are a lot of great reasons that you will want to do this. For instance, the pages are public meaning that the search engines can index the page and that allows people to find it and visit your link. Links are good. As the author of your Facebook page you get to control it and add links, remove content, etc. The best thing is that it’s free marketing for your business. You can create a page in a matter of minutes by following simple steps. So if you haven’t done this yet you might want to think about getting a page out there. It sure can’t hurt. Here is the link to my page Designs by Shell Please like it and I’ll like your page back! :-) I update my page daily with new designs from my store. Here are some more cute things I’ve created! Come by for a visit!

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