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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How Do You Celebrate Canada Day

Celebrate Canada Day with a cool Beaver mug or t-shirt. The syymbol of the beaver has received official Canadian emblem status and is the animal that is on the Canadian nickel. I came up with this beaver design and thought they would look cool on products in my store. These items can be used or worn all year long! Great gift ideas too! Go Canada!

I've been working on some fun 'Soccer' designs. This little bear dressed in soccer gear, including cleats. Ready to kick the soccer ball.

Here's the little soccer star in red soccer gear and cleats. A fun birthday invitation to a sports or soccer party. Get the kids excited with this one!

If you are a Canadian like me, maybe you have some traditions or ways that you like to celebrate Canada Day. Well for myself and my husband Brian, we have been celebrating by going into Vancouver, a large city about 50 minutes from our place. They have a huge celebraton at Canada Place where there are all kinds of shows, events and music groups that perform, and yes it's free to watch. There is usually a great line-up of bands and entertainment that we enjoy! Just be sure you wear good walking shoes! (blisters are not fun) So to show some Canada spirit I thought I'd post a couple of my 'Canada designs' as well as a few other interesting designs I've been working on. Please stop by my store Designs by Shell To all you Canadians have a wonderful Canada Day! Cheers!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Heard the Latest Buzz - Toy Story 3

Pardon the pun! My husband and I went out for dinner on Monday night and then to the Toy Story 3 movie. It's been many, many years since my boys were running through the house with Buzz and Woody saying "to infinity and beyond" or "there's a snake in my boot"! Sure brought back memories though. Maybe your thinking adults going to a childrens movie is kind of weird. This movie however had touch points for all ages. The young children of course relate easily, teens and older adults can relate as the story is about 'Andy' the main character heading off to college. He has to decide what to do with all his old toys that he's grown out of. As I love to draw animal characters and cartoonish images I found this movie quite inspiring. So above you'll see the cute bears that I've been creating the last couple of days, for products in my store. Hope you enjoy them and if you'd like to see more come by Designs by Shell for a visit!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Have You Found Your Element

My latest childrens birthday invitation. Floppy eared bunnies accent this fun card.

Say thanks with these cute baby hippo thank you cards.

Sophisticated green stripe wedding reply card.

Soft blue, simple yet elegant wedding reply cards! Perfect to add in with a wedding invitation.

Ken Robinson, Ph.D in his book 'the Element' says "the element is the place where the things that we love to do and the things we are good at come together." Just let that sink in for a moment... Ken also says "never underestimate that vital importance of finding early in life the work that for you is play." I just love those words! I can definitely say that creating designs, thinking up new ideas and coming up with new drawings for my store is work that is play for me. If you need a little push or are just looking for some inspiration I recommend you read 'the Element'. It really gets you motivated and thinking creatively. Above you'll find a few of my newest creations from Designs by Shell Come on by for a visit!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thoughtful Gifts for Father's Day

All of these items can be purchased at Designs by Shell Some you'll find under the Father's Day Category and some under the Animal Category.

Does dad have a good sense of humour?! Perhaps he'd appreciate this fun owl t-shirt with this funny saying. Even bird watcher's might like this one.

How about a fun fishing cap for dad or grandpa. A neat gift idea, add a few fishing lures or a book about fishing and you're set.

Maybe your dads a golfer. This cool golf t-shirt could be a fun t-shirt to add to his collection. Add a package of his favourite golf balls to top it off.

Wouldn't a dad love to be the 'official cupcake tester' at home. This fun t-shirt would make a great Father's Day gift. Give it to him with a 1/2 dozen fancy cupcakes that you baked yourself.

Well June is the month that we celebrate our dear dads! I thought I'd share a few creative gift ideas that might make 'dad' smile. I know some folks like to buy expensive gifts but in this economy many people have no choice but to cut back on the expensive stuff this year. A thoughtful gift like a unique t-shirt or a funny mug can still be a nice way to show dad appreciation. Here are a few fun ideas from my store Designs by Shell

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Latest Jungle Animal Characters

All of these items can be purchased at
Designs by Shell
Under the Animal Category

Lately, I've been totally into drawing the cutest jungle animals. So you guessed it, this last week I've been creating baby tigers, little roaring lions,funny monkeys and zebras. It's interesting how these animal characters take shape. Sometimes I'm not even sure how I come up with their looks but I just started drawing and these fun little animals come to life on the tablet. So do you have a favourite, let me know?! It's way too much fun creating and designing! So above you'll see a few of my designs, to see more pop by my store and browse around. You'll find mugs, stickers, magnets, t-shirts, invitations and more with these cool animal designs!
Designs by Shell