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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

If the Shoe Fits...

Well sometimes it just feels good to buy a new pair of cute shoes. Would you agree? Perhaps I'm speaking mainly to the ladies here, or not! Something about finding some designer heels or classy boots just puts a smile on your face. Okay, well maybe I'm speaking about myself right now. I do like cute shoes and that's why I started drawing and designing some cute creations for my store with fun shoe designs. Some of the items have cute or trendy sayings on them. Perhaps you'll find something for a girlfriend or mom that loves shoes. Come by for a visit to see more. Designs by Shell

Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's the Season for Nature Walks

Fall is the perfect season for nature walks. There is something about the crispness and scent of the outdoors at this time of year that makes you want to be out in nature. Yesterday my husband and I went for a drive about a 1/2 hour from our home to a place we hadn't experienced before. We love walking on trails and seeing new scenery, so we decided that instead of walking our usual places we would try to venture out every weekend and see some new ground. We walked along a river trail were we'd never been before. It's always a great time together, walking and talking and usually sharing our favourite drink. (Starbucks of course!) I always bring my camera to capture some interesting pictures too! So here are a few that I turned into cards and postcards. Hope you enjoy them. To see more of my photography and creative designs stop by my store for the latest! Designs by Shell

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Designer Labels

Zazzle recently introduced labels as one of the new items to be designed. Now that we are entering fall and the holidays are coming quickly it's the perfect time to purchase some fresh new labels. These labels can be used for new address', gift tags as well as name tags or special ocassions like weddings and bridal showers. They can all be customized as desired. Here are a few for you to view. Find many more at Designs by Shell

A Cozy House Address Label

Chocolate and Blue Designer Cake

Elegant Blue Wedding Cake

Christmas Ornaments

Penguin Christmas

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Chocolate and Pink Wedding Designs

Fall is a beautiful season for weddings. I've been selling lots of wedding postage and bridal themed designs lately. This of course inspired me to come up with some more unique wedding creations. I've been designing invitations, business cards, save the date magnets and more using some elegant and stylish design ideas. I love to combine unique color combinations and interesting patterns. Chocolate brown with different shades of pinks and blues are very popular right now. Also trending themes of polka dots and stripes are being seen a lot right now too. Above are a few of my latest designs for you to see. I've also just finished this mini article (lens) on Pink Bridal Shower Invitations and Ideas If you know anyone looking for 'pink' ideas you can direct them here. For more designs visit my store Designs by Shell

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Positive Effect of Flowers

Green Designs

Well it is raining pretty hard right now, but somehow very refreshing. Our lawn is looking so green and fresh. Recently, I was reading about the 'power of flowers'. According to a Rutgers University study it was found that flowers have the power to ease depression, encourage socialness and increase short term memory function. I think we can all attest to times we've received flowers from our spouse's or friends and how that really creates a boost of energy and happiness. So whether we can plant a flower garden, pick wild flowers, buy flowers or just take a walk in the neighborhood and photograph flowers these may all give you a surge of energy and joy, so I hope you'll take part in one of these ideas.
I've been working on some 'green' designs for my store and I'll share a few of them with you here! Enjoy! Designs by Shell

Monday, September 6, 2010

Shopping for Back to School

T-shirts are an item kids can use lots of... a couple of cool ones! One for girls and one for the boys!

Sweatshirts or long sleeved tops are great for those cooler days...

Keds or Slip-on shoes make great indoor shoes for school...

First day of school tomorrow, well at least for many families just not mine! This is the first year that I have no kids going back to high school. Hard to believe, we have reached a new chapter. I didn't have to head out to buy any school supplies or new clothes. Talking to my sister, she still has two in school and is still having to purchase those gym shoes, sweatshirts and jeans with the sturdy knees for her son. So I thought I'd share a few fun items from my store that kids might find cool for going back to school. Something a little different with a bit of a cool factor to it! Kids like to have a few new things to wear and feel good about. Come by my store to see more of my designs! Designs by Shell