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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Using Polyvore as a Marketing Tool

If you haven't gotten on the latest train to leave the station so to speak, you're missing out on some serious ways to market your business. Polyvore has been around for awhile but is taking off like a rocket, fast becoming the number one site for fashion finds, trend setting and promoting mood boards. This has become a great way to promote and market a business.

Polyvore promotes fashion, beauty, home decor and  art and expression. There are plenty of opportunities for online businesses to market products through this method.  It has become the highest converting social shopping site where members can discover and purchase items they find. Polyvore is said to have higher conversions driving more social commerce than Pinterest.

If you have an online business with products like I do, I highly recommend considering using this site to market your items and get them seen by millions. The more items you have out there the more potential for people sharing them and converting sales.

Through the Polyvore sight once you sign up, (super easy) you will begin by creating some collages, adding your own items as well as mixing in items of others. You will gain followers as you promote your collages and you will want to follow others. Liking and commenting on others creations is a good social idea and helps to encourage others to comment and share your creations too!

To Create an Account:

1) Create a profile
2) Load up your products
3) Design sets using your products
4) Connect with other Polyvore users

As you grow your following, people will discover your items and in time your products may get used by others in their collages which helps your business. This has been happening for me in just a short time. Many people use Polyvore to get inspired and comparison shop too, many want to see what the celebrities are wearing and using too!  If you have a brand or logo it can be good to include this in your collages as well.

I hope you give this site a try as I'm sure you will find it beneficial to your business in the long run. It's super fun and a little addictive too, once you start creating your sets you just want to do another and another.   Here is an example of one of my collages with my Birthday Party products! Feel free to follow me here!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Give Your Business A Boost

Tangible Ways to Boost Your Business in 2016

Running an online business and being up on marketing trends to propel you into the new year has got to be a top priority.  Every year the popularity of having an online business grows as more and more people want out of the everyday rat race and are striving for independence and work from home opportunities. For those already managing an online business the key now is how to keep your business in front of eyes and learning how to navigate all of the new tools and methods that are available to help your store or service grow. Opening an online business is easy, really anyone can do it the skill is actually in the operating, promoting and marketing of your website in order to build a steady customer base and engage people.  With e-commerce exploding, you've got to explore new options for growing your online business. Here are some tips to help you move your business forward this year. 

1) Create and offer top of the line content 

2) Target your audience

3) Make it personal

4) Create an experience for your customers

5) Impress your customers

6) Have a user friendly payment transaction system

7) Offer top quality products 

8) Offer promotions/coupons 

9) Stay on top of your marketing and SEO

10) Keep your list of long term and short term goals in sight

11) Invest in mobile capabilities

12) Build your brand

13) Complete a focused task everyday 

14) Blog about your business

15) Continue to plan, market and create 

One of the main goals of any business is to take your business to the next level. A good way to learn is from business forums, reading other's blogs and finding new ways of doing things. Here's to a great year in 2016!