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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Using Slideshare for Business

Recently I was introduced to a platform called Slideshare. Perhaps you’ve heard of it, if not I’ll explain what it is and why you should use it to market your business.

Slideshare is a free website that allows one to post content in presentation form. The presentations are viewed by the general public and gives one the opportunity to increase traffic to your website, splash pages or your blog.

Here are some pretty good reasons you may want to begin using this website.

1. Ranked the most popular document and presentation sharing site in the world.  It gets 60 million monthly visitors.

2. Content uploaded to this site is mobile compatible. Your content is automatically optimized for mobile users.

3. A feature of the homepage, Slideshare features the most popular content. if your presentation makes it to the homepage, it will go viral.

4. Google likes presentations and ranks them above articles, blogs and news stories.

5. Through using this site you can increase your business profile. Advertise your business and become seen as a reputable source of information.

6. Slideshare is easy enough for technically challenged people to use.

7. It allows you to add photos of people, images, text, graphs, and your brand logo to any of the pages that suit you.

Well those were enough reasons for me to begin using this site, perhaps you’ll want to sign up and begin using it for your business too!

Here is one of the first one’s I created!

Purple Butterfly with Saying Jersey Racerback Tank Top
Purple Butterfly Racerback Tank Top
Female Runner, Gotta Run
Female Runner, Gotta Run
Bold Stripes Black Boombot Rex Bluetooth Speaker
Bold Stripes Black Boombot Rex Bluetooth Speaker