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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Do the Same Thing, Get the Same Results

Whether it’s something you do in your daily work schedule or your business, your fitness routine, your housework list or anything that you’ve been doing the same thing for a long time it tends to get you the same results.  Now sometimes this is not a bad thing but if there are things you’re not happy with or you seem to be stuck in a rut it might be time to look at how and why you’re doing things a certain way. 

I came across this quote by Albert Einstein “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” I don’t think the quote is to be taken literally but it definitely makes you  think! I believe that this thought could actually make you take a look at the way you are doing things and encourage you to try new ways or experiment with different methods of doing things.  

For the past 7 years or so I’ve been going to a local gym to workout and stay physically fit. Every week usually 3 days a week I would get there and my routine became just that pretty routine. Each time I would start with 15 minutes of frees weights maybe use a few weight machines and then jump on the stair climber, treadmill or the eliptical machine for 30 to 45 minutes depending how I felt that day.

This past January I was really struggling with motivation to head back to the gym after a  bit of a break over Christmas.  Okay, I think I actually took all of December off! Yikes! So anyways, I decided it was time for a change, I looked into the fitness classes which actually come with my gym membership but I had never before participated in. There were some classes that looked interesting to me so the beginning of January I made the change and started a Body Class twice a week, one class is an hour the other 75 minutes. They include low impact weight routines, the step and exercises using the stability ball.

What a difference this has made to my overall fitness. The first class I went to I thought I was almost going to be sick, the workout was far more intense than any routine I’d been doing on my own in the gym. It really challenged my fitness level. The instructors are fabulous and tell you to go at your own pace and rest when you need too! There are all ages in these classes and it’s also a great place to meet like minded people who want to improve their health and fitness by working out regularly too!  My fitness level and strength wouldn’t have grown without this change! Clearly I wasn’t working out hard enough on my own!

So you see how by changing the way you do something can bring new and good results. This can happen in many areas of your life if you just take the time to  think about some small changes especially if you are not getting the results that you want.  I like to apply this to my business as well as there are always things that need improving and there are new ways to get things done! I hope this challenges you in whatever area of your life needs a little change, remember doing the same thing the same way will get you the same results every time!

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Needle in a Haystack

When you’re running an on-line business and trying to get it in front of eyes on the internet it can often seem like your business is  a needle in a haystack.  With millions of businesses, services, products and ads being pushed at us daily it’s a wonder how a small on-line business can be visible and make a go of it these days. 

Think  for a minute of wondering down a popular street in your city. Now think of all of the little mom and pop shops along that street. How many do you venture into? Something has really got to catch your eye or you have to be shopping for a specific item to draw you into that store, right! If it is such a challenge for brick and mortar stores to attract customers you are probably well aware of how much harder it is to gain the attention of potential customers in a over flowing market of shops on the internet.  So how do we deal with these challenges we face? Well I hope to shed a little light on that with a few tips to help in this area!

1) Create a brand for your business, a brand that promotes itself and gives the shopper a unique experience. I know this can be tricky if you don’t have a particular niche but it can be done!

2) Encourage others to bookmark your store. Perhaps they’ll think of your business when a need arises for them.

3) Promote your business in as many places as you can. Social media sites, twitter, FB, Google, IBO Toolbox, LinkedIn. These are all free to post to and can get your business in front of millions of eyes.

4) Connect with others, especially on business platforms, in forums and through sharing content. This will help you gain recognition and build solid business relationships that may turn into customers for your store.

5) Be a big picture thinker, come up with fresh ideas and ways to attract people to your business. Think out of the box, here! Why would you be attracted to shop at your store, do you have something unique to offer?

6) Write a blog that showcases your business. Write creative titles that entice people to click and read. Images can help, show your best products or something that is in season. Let the tone of your blog be conversational and your words be easy to understand.

Well I hope that gives you some ideas on how to get your Business in front of the masses. Don’t give up just keep promoting.

Thanks for stopping by my shop, Designs by Shell. I’m constantly adding new designs and Zazzle is consistently adding new products, so lots to choose from. 

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