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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Don't Miss The Window of Opportunity

Networking and connecting throughout the year has probably had a profound effect on the growth of your business. Opportunities abound when you make the right connections. It's not to late to build networking connections even now, if you find the right site that connects you to others that are like minded and willing to share for you it can greatly help your business. Don’t miss the window, if you’re just rolling along and haven’t started getting your marketing strategy for the busy shopping season in motion yet you've got to get started quickly as the season is fast approaching. I’m sure you know that the businesses in the malls are busy putting out there Christmas stock and setting up holiday displays to attract customers. Many of the big box stores started in October with putting their Christmas and holiday products out, a bit too early I thought. As an online small business owner I understand that we have to get on board early and be preparing our stores for those early shoppers. People are starting their shopping earlier and earlier it seems. Research shows more and more people are shopping online and this is a trend that surely will only increase with the convenience of it all. So in short, the key is to have a plan and make it happen. Take a look at your inventory and assess what you need or want to add to your inventory. What are the trends and items that will attract customers to your store front. The competition for online store owners is fierce so we have to make our products and shops look the best that they can. It takes great marketing effort and consistency everyday to draw the customers in. Decide on what new items to add to your inventory and which ones to promote. Use all available social media platforms that you are active in. Just do it subtly, nobody wants to just see a big push of your items, add something of value when you can. When using Twitter to market your products remember to include appropriate hash tags, like #sales, #deals, #blackfriday and so forth. This will help when people are searching for products and deals. If you use Pinterest you'll want to highlight your holiday boards that feature your products. Create unique boards like Christmas Trims. Winter Wonderland, Christmas Gadgets Everyone Can Use, you get the idea. Also include prices, Pinterest lets you add this! Well I hope this pushes you to work on your holiday marketing. Don’t leave it too late or you seriously might miss your window of opportunity. The shopper’s will leave your shop and purchase somewhere else and we don’t want to miss out on any sales! To Your Holiday Season! New Home Address Beautiful Flowers 2016 Calendar