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Friday, August 1, 2014

Bucket List– 7 Places You’ll Want to Travel

Perhaps you’ve had a travel adventure this summer or are still preparing for one. My husband and I have just started travelling and exploring different countries and cultures over the last 5 years or so and once you start it’s hard to stop. There is always another place you want to see, another piece of history to learn about, another country to explore.

Here are some recommended places to put on your bucket list! Some we’ve been to and some we are yet to visit!

1) England

2) Rome,Italy

3) Greece

4) Hawaii

5) Spain

6) Germany

7) PEI

There are so many exciting trips to be taken. So many pictures to snap! Awesome food to be tasted! I think people love to travel for the great experiences and the sense of adventure and possibly the thrill of the unknown. Meeting new people, finding out others experiences and learning how cultures differ from country to country. The airplane flying is not the most favourite of most people but it is tolerated as a means to get to the good stuff! Being comfortable and organized can make this part of travelling much more enjoyable.

Visit this ‘Travel Blog’ and read about some of these places as well as find luggage tags to protect your bags from loss and theft.

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