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Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Explosion of Print on Demand

There is lots of talk about Print-on-Demand (POD) in the world of business these days! Many companies are looking for ways to cut costs and make their business run more efficiently.  A business that utilizes (POD) can add a lot of value to their company. 

Print-on-demand can help your business become more cost efficient. Offering customizing and personalization is one way. Reducing the load of inventory that is necessary thus freeing up space in your store or warehouse and saving  you money. Cutting down on stocking out of date product or products that aren’t selling.

Zazzle is a (POD) company that is utilizing this technology to the fullest. Zazzle is on top of it with unique hardware and manufacturing systems in place allowing for the use of the latest and greatest software  creations. The products Zazzle offers are of the highest quality materials that can be printed on. They are consistently adding new products and expanding their offerings to attract a broader range of customers.  It’s always exciting when new products come out and designers like myself can explore ideas and ways to design them.  Zazzle first began in 2005 and is growing exponentially! 

Below I’ll show you some of the latest products that Zazzle has released. There are some new office products, ipad cases, a classy wall coat rack and more. I’ve been busy coming up with creative ideas to design them. Thanks for stopping by my store, Designs by Shell!

Modern Purple Floral with Initials Pencil Holder
Modern Purple Floral Initials Pencil Holder
Trio of Sweet Milkshakes Hoodies
Sweet Milkshakes Hoodie
Light Blue Ladybugs Gift Wrap Paper
Blue Ladybugs Gift Wrap Paper
Nautical Anchors with Saying Coat Racks
Nautical Anchors Coat Rack
Modern Brown Floral Wallets
Modern Brown Floral Wallet
Pastel Ladybugs Coat Racks
Pastel Ladybugs Coat or Hat Rack

Monday, January 6, 2014


January 2014, a new year has begun! Happy New Year to all my readers. The beginning of a new year is a time for renewal and setting of new goals for most  people. Time for many to head back to work perhaps to a job outside home or perhaps you are one of those who are able to work from the comfort of your own place.

Goals can be set for all areas of your life not just work. Think of where you want to be in relation to your health and fitness, financial, relationships and spiritual areas in your life.  Take note of the things you want to work on as you begin 2014.

This is a good time to review your goals from last year and see how much you’ve accomplished and where you need to improve. Ask yourself what it is you want and come up with a plan on how to work toward it. Come up with some new and creative ideas on how to maximize your time and work more efficiently.

Personally I need to get myself back in the groove of designing and coming up with creative ideas to use on products for my store. This can be challenging sometimes and can take some effort when you’ve had a break like I’ve had over Christmas!  Zazzle has given us several new products to design over the last month. Some of these include light switch covers, door hangers, glass cutting boards, flasks, new ornament styles and a few other products. There is no lack of items to design for I just have to begin and let the ideas flow. 

My husband wrote a blog called ‘Focus’ I think it’s worth reading, especially if you are having trouble getting yourself back on track and need some inspiration. You can check it out here.

Thanks to all those of you who purchased from my shop through December, it was a great month!

Choo Choo Train with Stars and Moon Desk Lamp
Choo Choo Train Desk Lamp
Choo Choo Train Baby Shower Custom Announcements
Choo Choo Train Baby Shower Invitations
Blue Stripes and Stars Save the Date Refrigerator Magnets
Blue Stripes and Stars Save the Date Magnets
Dental Appointment Reminder Business Card Templates
Dental Appointment Reminder Business Cards
Nature Path Switch Plate CoverNature Light Switch Cover

Black Paw Print Pet Tag
Black Paw Print Pet Tag