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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Couldn't wait

Well I started decorating today, I know I usually wait til Dec. 1st but today was such a rainy inside day and we didn't really have anything else planned so I dove in! I actually love decorating for Christmas! Even without the tree (which I will do on Dec. 1st) it looks very pretty and festive in our home! Lots of glass balls in bowls and vases and clear mini lights with greenery, I love that look! Anyhow I better get to work on some new designs, here are some that I just finished! Have an awesome day!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Winter is here

It's a chilly day out there! Just got back from taking my son to school, had to scrape the frost of the vehicle windows... too cold! I've been busy doing some writing and designing! I have really been interested in writing articles lately, it's not as scary as I thought it would be and people are checking them out! That's pretty cool! It wasn't long ago that I was afraid to blog, so I have really come a long way! I designed some creative writing t-shirts and magnets for my zazzle store this week! Zazzle has a sale on postage sheets going on right now. Just look for the code at the top of the page and use it when you go to the check out area! There are some fabulous postage stamps that folks have created! Have an awesome day, everyone!
Zazzle just announced a big sale you won't want to miss! Valid Thursday Midnight to Friday (November 28) 10am PST: Save code BLACKFRIDAYZ for checkout $10.99/sheets of custom postage 50% off greeting cards and note cards 40% off all calendars 50% off and many more specials!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


This has been a busy week can't believe how the time goes so quickly! Took in the new James Bond movie, the name just slipped my mind, shesh, age I guess! :-) The movie was great, action-packed as expected! I heard that the main actor, Daniel Craig broke his arm during the making of this movie! Definitely worth seeing on the big screen! I've been doing a little writing, working on some articles and creating my zazzle designs! Actually I designed and sold some business cards this week! These ones I made using my floral photographs that I took in the summer! I love capturing flowers and nature shots, so beautiful and refreshing! Check out the sales that Zazzle is promoting this week, 10% off til Nov. 24. Have an awesome weekend!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Great Workout

Well I just came back from the gym, shortly ago! No worries, I've showered! :-) Now onto my morning coffee! While I was working out this morning I was looking around the gym at all the different people, many different shapes and sizes but I believe all with a common goal of getting in better physical shape and becoming fitter and healthier! I love that feeling after a workout when you feel stronger and healthier and have so much more energy for the day! It's a good feeling! I've been working on an article on 'Rose Photography', if you love roses or photography you'll have to come check it out! I will post it on my blogsite with my other lenses! I've also been working on some more cute snowmen for my zazzle store! Hopefully the sales will pick up now that it's getting closer to Christmas! Zazzle just joined up with PayPal now, so you can purchase that way! They also have 10% off all orders with Paypal until the end of Nov. 20th. (That's tomorrow) So if you want to get a little deal, you better go shopping now! Take care for now!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Getting in the Mood

Zazzle is having a free shipping sale on all orders = $45.00 or more before taxes. To get this deal use the code HOLIDAYSHIPS at the checkout! It's time to get thinking about gift ideas, shopping and decorating the home for the holidays! I usually start my decorating on December 1st. I start with putting up garlands and wreaths, wrapping bannisters with greenery and mini-lights, (clear only for me) then I fill crystal bowls and vases with glass balls, and put out some of my other favourite christmas items. Then the last to decorate is the tree. Save the biggest job for the last! So much fun to decorate! I've been adding tips to my Decorating lens so have a peek again! Chat soon!

Monday, November 10, 2008


Last night my husband and I and some friends went out for a nice dinner and then to an Aprilwine concert! They played some really great hits. A lot of them came back to me and I was like oh, I didn't know they did that song! My favourite songs were, Just Between You and Me, and Gypsy Queen! It was a really great concert, kind of funny to see a 60 year old up on stage rockin' out! The lead singer Miles, is an interesting character. He was pretty proud of these funky red and black running shoes that he had on! Something about him kind of reminded me of Jack Nicholson,:-) Just the look he had and some of his mannerisms! Anyhow it was really good! I've been busy updating some of my lenses on Decorating and so forth! Also working on designs for t-shirts, postage, magnets and other items for my store! It's getting to be a busy time of year! Gotta keep creating! Have an awesome day!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Shopping Mode

Well just got back from Vancouver, did my first Christmas shopping today! Wow, for the state of our economy I'd say it hasn't hit people too hard yet! The mall was full and several of the stores had big line ups at the tils! I think people are in the holiday shopping mode already! On-line shopping is so much more peaceful and you don't get pressured like at the stores, either! So head to the zazzle stores and shop away! You get totally unique designs and some very creative work! I am constantly amazed at all the talented artists I keep coming across too! We'll I better get into some more designing myself! Keep Smilin'

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Scent of Oranges

Just opened my first box of Mandarin oranges for the season! Mmmm, love the scent of oranges! We will go through probably a box a week now through Christmas! I never get tired of eating those, and so good for you too! Well I have recently been working on a new lens. An article on decorating with ornaments using glass bowls and vases, ways to display and arrange them for the holiday season! I've posted the links to my lens here on my blog, so if you have a few moments you may want to check them out for some tips and interesting reading! Now is the time when everyone gets into the shopping mode for gifts for friends and family for Christmas! I've been designing more christmas items, snowmen, teddybears,and other great designs for my zazzle store. Here are some of my latest creations!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Creating Lenses

Halloween has come and gone. We had about 200 kids trick or treating at our place. I can't believe we are into November now! Well on our way to holiday creating! I've been learning alot about creating lenses on Squidoo! Lenses are articles on one particular topic that you want to share! Could be a recipe, or about your store or business, or about pets, or fashion, pretty much anything you want to talk about! I recently created a couple of new ones! It's pretty interesting! There are some very creative topics and articles to read out there, one sure could spend a lot of time on the computer! Above are some of the gift tags and cards I've been designing!