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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pumpkin Pie

Okay, so who loves pumpkin pie? This is one of the best things about fall! Pumpkin pie season, yummmm, my husband and I just love it! This is the second weekend now, we buy the pumpkin pie from Costco, if you haven't tried there pumpkin pie, oh boy, you're really missing out! There pie is to die for and don't let your mom say hers is better! No way, Costco makes the best pumpkin pie, so creamy and smooth! Mmmm can't wait for the next piece!
We'll I have been doing a lot of floral designs lately. I just made some beautiful t-shirts and mugs with flowers that really pop out! In bright colors and also in soft colors! I love creating flower designs they are so versatile and as I get better with my paint program, I get new ideas! I'm only using the basic paint program that comes with windows, so I may have to ask my husband for a new program for Christmas! That would really open up a new world of designing! Anyhow I shall go do some creating now! Stop by my store and see what I've been up too! Drop me a comment I'd love to chat!


  1. I won't let my mom say her pumpkin pie is better. I'll say it for her. my mom's pumpkin pie is the best!

  2. Okay, but I think you might be a bit biased! But you can like her pumpkin pie the best! Have a great day! :-)