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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fencing in the Rain

Today was the day for a new backyard fence. My husband, sons and a friend have been working since about 10 this morning replacing the fence in our backyard. It was time… I felt bad for them in that it was pouring rain for a couple of hours. They were all soaking wet but at least the temperature was decent. They ran into a couple of snags but I think they are making progress now. The sun is trying to poke its head out and the rain has now ceased so hopefully they can continue in dry weather. Yes, I made coffee and goodies for them… so by end of tomorrow we should have a nice new fence up! Yeah!  Anyhow I’ve been designing some fun cupcake items for my store as well as some wedding designs. I’ll show you a few here and you can pop by my store see more! Enjoy!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Inspirational Summer Themes

Are you getting excited for some hot days of summer. It seems spring has been cooler than usual and I am certainly ready for some warmer days. I want to sit on my deck with a hot cup of coffee and a good book and relax in the warmth of the sunshine. Summer is the perfect time to read those novels or inspirational books that you haven’t had time to get into. A great time to head to the beach and go for some adventure walks or hikes in the great outdoors and of course what would summer be without grilling on the barbeque, fresh fruit and delicious salads. So much fun!

Here are some of my summer inspired designs. To see more come by my store Designs by Shell

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Building Your Business

As many of you have on-line business’ that you are trying to grow, promote and make some income with I thought I’d talk a little about ways that have worked for me. There are millions of people around the globe logging onto the internet daily. These people are looking for work from home ideas or business’, services or products to purchase. If you have a company where you are selling products like myself the first thing to do is to set up an attractive website, maintain it regularly and add new products daily if this is something you can do. Then join social/business networks and market, market, market. Of course  go about this in a professional manner, you don’t want to annoy people and turn them away. The idea is to capture their attention with your designs, products or services so they will remember you and return to your site.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,IBO Toolbox are some suggestions for you to get started. Connect with others, this can really help you to stay motivated too! Hope this inspires you and helps you take the next step on your journey. 

Here are some designs and products from my store Designs by Shell Come by for a visit… always keeping it fresh with lots of new designs.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ways to Market Your Business

Are you struggling with ways to get your business seen by others? Is the lack of traffic and sales getting you down? I thought I’d share a few ideas for marketing your store or service.  Just like a brick and mortar business an on-line business needs to be promoted and marketed, perhaps even more so. There are many places that I have found that have worked for bringing more traffic to my business.

If you’re reading this then you know that blogging is an important one for marketing your business. On a blog you can share information about your work, upcoming promotions, your latest designs or whatever you want potential customers to know.

Another idea is creating a Facebook fan page. It’s free and you basically control what links and information you want others to see. People ‘like’ your page and this helps you get seen by their network of associates too! The potential for visibility is unlimited.

Join networking sites for business like LinkedIn, IBOTOOLBOX, and Twitter. Also spend time in forums and comment  and share others links as well. These will all help you grow your business and help you gain a presence in the business market. 

Okay, well here are some fresh and fun designs and products from my store Designs by Shell. Come by for a visit to see more…

Friday, June 3, 2011

Why You Should Have a Facebook Fan Page

Have you joined the ultimate site to market your business. Facebook has become a huge new advertising platform for your company. There are a lot of great reasons that you will want to do this. For instance, the pages are public meaning that the search engines can index the page and that allows people to find it and visit your link. Links are good. As the author of your Facebook page you get to control it and add links, remove content, etc. The best thing is that it’s free marketing for your business. You can create a page in a matter of minutes by following simple steps. So if you haven’t done this yet you might want to think about getting a page out there. It sure can’t hurt. Here is the link to my page Designs by Shell Please like it and I’ll like your page back! :-) I update my page daily with new designs from my store. Here are some more cute things I’ve created! Come by for a visit!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Money in My Pocket

Do you love to write? How about writing and really, seriously getting paid for it! Well with this site called Squidoo you can write one page articles (called a lens) These pages practically come together on there own. The modules where you add content be it information about your topic, pictures, tips, products that others can purchase are all ready for you to use. Just choose the ones that you would like on your page, upload your content and when you're ready hit the publish button to set it out to be seen.

When people click on a link you make a small royalty from the click outs. If you add a selling module like ebay or amazon and show items for people to buy when they click through and make a purchase you also get a royalty.

What a great way to let your imagination go free writing on any topic you choose. It's free to join so what are you waiting for go sign up... you'll love it. I have to say once you do a few of these pages it becomes addicting.

Here are some inspiring items from Designs by Shell