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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Gift Wrap or Gift Bags

Here we are nearing the end of November.  How's your Christmas list of things to do coming along? Are you getting things done?  It seems this year so many people around us have started decorating extra early this year.  I'm not quite there yet!  I have prepped a couple of decor pieces and chosen my color theme for the banister and the Christmas tree but that's as far as I've taken it.  I hope to get into it all this weekend and have the tree up and decorated on Dec. 1st as that is my traditional day to get everything done.  

So my question for you is if you are the one that does the shopping and the gift wrapping for your family and friends what is your preferred method of wrapping up your presents?  Do you like to keep it clean and simple by using Christmas gift bags or do you like the thought and creation of using traditional wrapping papers? I'm sure you have a preference!  

For my family I've been spending more time wrapping the packages with gift wrap the last couple of years. I will still use a few gift bags just to mix it up a little but somehow everyone likes the fun of ripping off the paper and perhaps it seems slightly more festive and takes a little longer than just pulling something out of a bag. The wrapped presents can be decorated with gift toppers or fun tags to embellish them too! 

December is always a busy month with a variety of activities and festive events to take in.  I hope you make time for some of those experiences and share them with your family as well! Time goes so fast... enjoy the moments as you make memories! Blessings to all! A big thank you to you all who have been reading and following my blog for a number of years.  You know who you are.... 

                                         Designs by Shell

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Treat Holders Using A Gift Tag Die

Love Turtles, a fun and easy little treat holder to delight your friends with.

See how I make them here!

Friday, November 8, 2019

Pay it Forward

It's hard to believe we are well into the month of November.  This is a busy month for crafter's and designers that are working hard to share new products, designs and ideas in time for the Christmas season.  The malls and brick and mortar shops have had holiday items in view for several weeks now.  

I find for myself setting small goals really helps me stay focused and on top of my creative endeavors.  I'm always marketing my Zazzle Shop a little more at this time of year. It is my highest volume of sales that happen in November and December.  

I also have really been excited to share and grow my Youtube channel. It seems to be growing every day! This is the time of year when my love of crafting really comes to life and Youtube is a great outlet to share, chat and create with others who do the same. I hope you will come and check out my videos and think about subscribing to my channel. I totally appreciate all of those who support me with kind comments and subscribing. Crafter's gotta stick together! lol

Today I want to spread some love and pay it forward by sharing another designer's products. She often share's and promotes my products on her blog. So her turn today. Thank you Bebop! Here are a couple of her products.  

                            Chicadee Bird in Christmas Tree 

                                Snow Bunny Greeting Card

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Envelope Punch Board Note Card Pockets


Just recently back from a short vacay in Hawaii.  You can see a quick clip from there in this crafting video. Getting back into the swing of things again! Time to get moving on the Christmas projects! Loads of fun ahead!