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Monday, December 27, 2010

Back to Business

As we are approaching the new year you’ll want to be sure you’re stocked up with business cards to market your business. Maybe you need a fresh design or a new slogan to brighten up your cards. I’ve been working on some pretty unique designs for business cards so perhaps there’s something that’ll work for your specific type of business. Come have a look!

Above are some designs featuring shaded globes in different colours and different views. Some hexagon designs and some interesting link designs.

Come by my store to view more of my designs! Happy New Year to all of my blog followers and readers!  Let’s make 2011 a fantastic year! Designs by Shell

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Unique iPad and iPhone Cases

Recently Zazzle introduced some new products for us to design. A couple of the latest ones are iPad cases and iPhone 3 and iPhone 4 cases. Now there is no excuse to have just a plain black case unless of course you simply like black cases. I’ve been designing some pretty cool looking iPad cases with abstract and striped designs as well as some florals and ‘green’ designs. Some modern and trendy looks for the young and older crowd.

This first one is a grape coloured link design with a soft mauve background and the second one is a blue and chocolate link design with a soft blue background.

Here are a couple of my iPhone 3 cases that I designed. Stripes seem to be popular!







Finally here are a couple of the iPhone 4 cases that I’ve designed.







To see the other designs I have pop by my store Designs by Shell

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Invitations For Special Occasions

This time of year you’re probably getting ready to either host or attend holiday and Christmas parties. Traditional invitations that you hand out or mail are a fun way to invite your guests. I know some of you are thinking an e-mail invite is fine but really we all like to get an invitation that we can get excited about. The look you choose can really set the theme or mood for your party guests. Here are a couple that I think would be great.  These are totally customizable too!

Birthday parties are still going on in December too, so here are a few of my popular designs. Some would be great for kids and some for adult birthday parties. These can be customized as desired.

Here are a couple that are suitable for kids and adults!

Well I hope these get you inspired for your next party! I have lots more designs under the invitation category in my store. Pop by to see more. Designs by Shell 

Friday, December 3, 2010

Special Gift Ideas for Teachers

Many of you are running around wondering what to get for your kids teachers this year. There are the usual things like chocolates, flowers and gift cards but I thought I would share a few ideas that might be memorable gifts for the teachers on your list. Whether it’s for a school teacher, music teacher, dance teacher or another teacher or instructor a thoughtful little gift is always appreciated. Remember gifts don’t have to be expensive it really is the thought that counts.

  Ornaments with sweet sentiments for a great teacher can make a memorable gift. These ornaments can be customized if so desired. Add a year or even a teachers name to make it even more special.

Tote bags make great gift ideas as they are reusable and the teacher will think of you often as he or she grabs her bag and throws papers and supplies to tote to and from school. A bag with a inspirational message or saying makes a great statement.    

   Here’s another one that has been popular.  A snowman with angel wings and a halo. A great saying ‘ Teachers are angels in disguise’





                                                    Magnets are another cute gift idea that can be easily slipped in with a Christmas card. Here are a couple with inspirational messages. I have several other designs in my store so pop by for a few other sayings and ideas.

Designs by Shell