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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Will it be Coffee or Tea

Likely you are either a person who loves coffee or one who enjoys tea!  Generally individuals seem to be in one camp! That's not to say you can't enjoy a cup of the other occasionally!  Where do you fit in, is it coffee for you or tea?  

There may be many factors that come into play as to why you prefer one of these drinks over the other.  Your genes can be one of the reasons that you choose the drink you do.  According to scientists we may be genetically predisposed to perceiving a bitter substance and this can tip us toward choosing one beverage over another. Interesting right!  

Here are a some of the reasons people reach for coffee...

- they need that morning eye opener (big caffeine jolt) 
- many find themselves addicted to coffee
- it's a social thing
- it is said to be an antioxidant
- love the taste

and others reach for tea...

- health benefits (some teas contain antioxidants)
- they were raised on it (British, time for high tea)
- weight loss remedy
- find it more palatable than coffee
- more varieties ( green tea, white tea, black tea and every herbal tea you can think of) 

In our home my husband and I are big coffee drinkers. We like to buy the large bags of beans and grind them every couple of days. So good!  Our sons love their herbal tea. We have a drawer full of different types and brands of tea for them as they usually have a few cups in the evenings after their work day! They like a fresh tea bag for every cup!  All in all it doesn't matter what your preference is as long as you enjoy it.