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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Yearning For Spring

Well I don't know about you but I sure am ready for Spring to come. Today is actually a sunny day even though the temperature is cold out. I've been going through several of my pictures that I took last spring and summer. I can't wait to get my camera out again and capture some fabulous floral and garden shots. I recently finished a lens (article) on taking floral photographs. You can view it here Tips and Pictures of Floral Photography
Here I've showcased some of my flower pictures on items I've designed for my store. I have a wide variety of wedding products, home and office products and all kinds of greeting cards featuring my floral photos. Here is a sampling below... come by Designs by Shell to see more.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Spring Colors Spring Weddings

Well I've been working on several different colour themes and designs for weddings this last week. Hot pink or I've heard it called honeysuckle pink is one of the new fresh colours for weddings. Soft blues mixed with chocolate brown is another popular trend. These would both work well anytime of the year. Do you have a favourite colour theme that you love? There are so many options and beautiful shades to choose from. Here are a couple of lens (mini articles) on wedding ideas. Hot Pink Themes for Weddings and Elegant Blue and Chocolate Brown Wedding Ideas. Here are a few designs too!

Come by my store Designs by Shell if you'd like to see other colours and styles.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Skiing at Big White

This past week my husband and I took a little trip to Big White Ski Resort, just passed Kelowna, B.C. We had two gorgeous days of skiing! (he snowboards) The mountain wasn't busy at all, so no line ups or waiting to get on the chairlifts at all. I did 24 ski runs in the two days and my husband pulled off about 31 runs. It was cold but the sun was shining and the fact that we were moving most of the time kept us warm. What a blast, I totally recommend a trip to Big White if you've never been. Of course I was able to capture many awesome pictures. I have already put several of them on cards, postage, magnets and prints to sell in my store. I thought I'd share some of the winter scenes on products for you to see here! Enjoy! For more stop by my store Designs by Shell.