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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Learn How To Promote With YouTube

Whether you are just starting out on Youtube or have been using it for awhile, I'm sure you had to learn how to promote your videos and market yourself.  I am currently on a journey to learn how to do this successfully and efficiently.  I've been reading lots of informative blogs and listening to many Youtubes to find the best ways to do this. 

So here's a list of things that I have found necessary to help grow your Youtube channel. 

1) Customize your channel. Make it your own. Include some information about yourself or your business and add a profile picture. People like to connect with real people, it's much less personal if you use a generic image. 

2) Choose good keywords for your videos.  Do your research.

3) Add your business url to your videos.  Draw people in. 

4) Use many different calls to action. You want people to interact with you so in this day and age you must ask them and sometimes in several varied ways.  

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5) Soft Sell. Market gently.

6) Visit similar themed videos to yours and leave a comment. 

7) Create a playlist.  This is something I"ve yet to try but sounds interesting.  
How it works:
Add your video to a new playlist
Add good videos on the same topic from other people
Choose a great searchable name for the playlist 

8) You made your videos, now you have to promote them. Use your social media sites to share. Embed a clip on your blog, like I've done. Email your videos to friends or a contact list. Ask them to share.  

I hope these tips will help you as you either begin or continue your Youtube journey!  

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