Saturday, June 27, 2015

Using Slideshare for Business

Recently I was introduced to a platform called Slideshare. Perhaps you’ve heard of it, if not I’ll explain what it is and why you should use it to market your business.

Slideshare is a free website that allows one to post content in presentation form. The presentations are viewed by the general public and gives one the opportunity to increase traffic to your website, splash pages or your blog.

Here are some pretty good reasons you may want to begin using this website.

1. Ranked the most popular document and presentation sharing site in the world.  It gets 60 million monthly visitors.

2. Content uploaded to this site is mobile compatible. Your content is automatically optimized for mobile users.

3. A feature of the homepage, Slideshare features the most popular content. if your presentation makes it to the homepage, it will go viral.

4. Google likes presentations and ranks them above articles, blogs and news stories.

5. Through using this site you can increase your business profile. Advertise your business and become seen as a reputable source of information.

6. Slideshare is easy enough for technically challenged people to use.

7. It allows you to add photos of people, images, text, graphs, and your brand logo to any of the pages that suit you.

Well those were enough reasons for me to begin using this site, perhaps you’ll want to sign up and begin using it for your business too!

Here is one of the first one’s I created!

Purple Butterfly with Saying Jersey Racerback Tank Top
Purple Butterfly Racerback Tank Top
Female Runner, Gotta Run
Female Runner, Gotta Run
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Bold Stripes Black Boombot Rex Bluetooth Speaker

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Exercise Your Way to Success in Business

Believe it or not exercise can help you be more successful at your business. If your like most people you have lots on your plate everyday, perhaps it’s work, children, keeping up your home, taking care of a loved one and the list goes on. Exercise may be the last thing on your mind most days but it’s true that if you make the time for exercise in whatever form works for your schedule you will be able to cope better with all of your tasks.

Those who are toned and fit have to make the time to get that way, it is a commitment and yes perhaps a sacrifice of something else but so worth it!  Science shows that physical activity for 45 – minutes to and hour a day can return great health benefits, strengthening your brain and increasing your overall productivity throughout your day. Working out releases chemicals in the brain called endorphins known as hormones that can boost your mood and make you feel good.  This helps you to be positive and be better able to balance work and family.

Have a goal, you can start small and increase it as you go! Maybe it’s as simple as losing 5 pounds or fitting in a smaller size pair of jeans. Perhaps it’s to help you breath lighter as you walk up the stairs in your home.

Working a business we know that not everything goes as smooth as peanut butter and stress can be challenge to keep at bay. Stress can have a profound negative impact on one’s health. Exercise increases the production of good hormones that will help you cope with stress and feel more relaxed throughout your day.

Running a business with all of it’s demands pulling at you constantly can be overwhelming for most people. A decent night’s sleep is crucial to be able to handle all of the in’s and out’s of business. Exercising regularly can help you get a good night’s sleep.

I hope this inspires you and encourages you to make time for exercise even if it’s just a short walk everyday! A few minutes is a great start and you know you will feel better. I did a 20 minute power walk this morning as well as  a 25 minute bike ride. I feel great and am ready to work! 


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Nature Scene with Running Motivation Round Sticker
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New Home Address Shipping Labels
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Weight Lifting Birthday Card

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Affiliate Marketing is the Future

One of the easiest ways to earn an income is from Affiliate Marketing. Basically, affiliate marketing is earning a commission by promoting and selling products that are created by other people or another company.

How does it work? Well, you choose a product or a line of products that you would like to promote and from the sale of each item you then earn a profit . So why is this great, you ask? As an affiliate marketer you benefit from earning a commission, the company benefits from the sale of the product  and in turn the customer is pleased because they found the product. It’s a win, win!

One of the joys of affiliate marketing is that you don’t need to put a huge investment of your time to create a product to sell. As soon as you find a product or line that you’re interested in selling you can begin. All you need is a platform to sell it on.

You’ll want to find a reputable company or product that you know will be useful and wanted. Trying to promote a product that you don’t believe in will be seen as fake and people won’t feel that you are trustworthy to do business with. It is better to recommend products from a company that you’ve purchased yourself and allow you to speak from experience. Honesty is always the best policy!

To be successful at affiliate marketing you’ll need these essential elements to get started.

1) A Domain Name

2) A Landing Page

3) Targeted Traffic

4) Quality Products to Promote

Generating traffic is a big factor here as without targeted traffic coming to your landing page and clicking through you’ll be hard pressed to get any sales. There are fabulous websites, selling products on the internet but they are not getting the traffic to keep them alive. You’ll want a website that is easy to navigate, nothing complicated or cluttered as you’ll turn potential customers away. These steps should help you on your journey to become a successful affiliate marketer!

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Black Eyed Susans - Daisies Throw Pillow
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Official Bird Watcher Trucker Hat
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Dental Appointment Business Card Templates

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Why You Should Use Instagram for Business

Millions of marketers are taking advantage of social media marketing by using Instagram. Perhaps you’re one of them or have noticed this but are unsure of how it works and why it would be good for your business. Instagram is the perfect opportunity for companies to share their brand and blast out quick, short messages to their audience. People in general have short attention spans and jump quickly from one site to another. Instagram is a way to share your pictures and short messages in quick fashion.

Instagram is a mobile app meaning you can only post from your Android or iPhone not from the web. When you sign up for an Instagram account you will choose a profile picture and a name that you like. This could be the name of your business or a website that you manage. You will write a short description of your page and add a website link, this gives your audience a place to go and check out your business.  Here is my Instagram page if you’d like to see what it looks like and feel free to follow me if you like! As you post your pictures you’ll get more likes and begin to gain follower’s! That means more potential eyes on your business.

I have just recently started using this platform so I still have much to learn about Instagram but I am slowly growing my followers and getting lots of likes on my pictures. As you’re posting your pictures try to think about you’re target audience and post things that will capture their attention. You may want to include pictures with a call to action that leads to your website. This is a great way to promote your products and or services.

Being an Instagram user helps to build trust in your company, a positive experience makes happy customers. It can also help you create a distinct personality for your business this is important too. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain if you want to grow your business.

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Fancy Cupcakes Birthday Party Invitation
Lollipops and Candy Dots Bag Tag
Lollipops and Candy Dots Bag Tag
Lollipops and Sweets Birthday Invitation
Lollipops and Sweets Birthday Invitation

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Adapting to Marketing Changes

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the pace and change that marketing for your business has you facing. It seems that changes are happening so fast that it’s becoming a chase with no end.

With technology growing in leaps and bounds this means changes for all businesses. As I was reading some articles that talked about the effects of change on marketing I was quite frankly overwhelmed. I guess reading a few articles isn’t enough to keep you in the loop these days. For the average on-line business person there is so much to learn to stay on the cutting edge of marketing. The game has changed so to speak and one has to find new ways to promote, advertise and share your business. 

As the marketing tools change so quickly you have to take steps to adapt your thinking and change your business methods.

Sharing on popular platforms can have advantages for your business, like Pinterest. Are you aware of how this site can promote your brand and potentially be a great sales tool for you.

Many marketing methods are free but maybe you need to think about how much you need to spend on services that can promote your business. Do you have a marketing budget?

Just supplying a fabulous product doesn’t guarantee sales anymore, you have to be offering something that speaks to someone, supplying something that brings meaning to someone’s life. People have short attention spans and there are so many options out there that what you’re selling has to be valuable. I heard somewhere that whatever you own you should either love it or it should serve a purpose.

Whatever it is you’re selling you have to create a positive experience, stand out and create a ‘brand’ that makes your customers return for more.  It is challenging to connect with customers through all of the new devices and platforms. The ways of marketing have changed as people now constantly interact with mobile apps and new websites popping up daily. It is hard to understand people’s thinking and what motivates them to make a purchase. I believe it’s an ongoing process and one that will continue to keep business owner’s being creative and making good use of technology to attract customers.

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Yoga Gym Duffle Bags
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Baking Business Cards
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Custom Business Black Ink Pen

Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Making of a Latte

In the cool months of winter nothing says warm and cozy to me like a latte. Once upon a time the latte was something I treated myself to from a coffee shop but recently has become my go to favourite hot, frothy drink that I indulge in at home, generally once a day!  Making a latte at home is actually pretty simple and can be done without an espresso machine.

When my husband and I were on a trip to Italy a couple of years ago I got hooked on the cappuccino’s there. They are similar to lattes, I’ll explain.

A latte is a hot coffee drink that is made with espresso, steamed milk and  milk foam.

A cappuccino is similar to a latte except that is uses a higher volume of foamed milk to steamed milk.

A Cafe au lait  is generally made with warm steamed milk added to regular coffee (some coffee shops will use espresso) and this drink has no foam.

Creamy Latte Coffee Poster
Creamy Latte Coffee Poster
Coffee Mug with Fun Saying T-shirts
Coffee Mug T-shirts
Stacking Coffee Cups Postage Stamp
Stacking Coffee Cups Postage Stamp

When we got home from our Italy trip I tried the cappuccino’s from some of the local coffee shops here but found them to be too strong for my liking. Then I tried the latte’s and found them much smoother and enjoyable. 

If you order an espresso at a coffee shop it will likely be much stronger because of the machine they use to produce it. The espresso machine takes water that is nearly boiling and then creates a lot of pressure in order to produce a strong beverage.  My at home version is not as strong but it comes out just the strength that I like.

I brew good quality ground espresso  that I grind using my coffee grinder.  While the espresso is brewing I plug in my Starbucks milk frother to which I add low fat milk to. Then it’s just hit the power button and you can watch the milk begin to froth.  I get my latte mug ready and pour the hot brewed espresso about 3/4 full. Then it’s time to pour in some of the milk from the frother and spoon the milk froth it’s created onto to the top to cover the surface. I love the mounds of frothy milk and the fact that it keeps the espresso warm too!  Sprinkle on a little cinnamon if you like, I do that sometimes but generally I like it plain.

Espresso has a lot less caffeine than a cup of regular coffee. Although there is some debate about it, many say it depends on your mug size, the brew time, type of grind, temperature and so on. Anyways I say, drink it if you like it just don’t go over board!  That’s it, a simple but cozy drink perfect for a cold day!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

7 Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business

We’ll the New Year is here and perhaps you’ve been doing some thinking about what 2015 has in store for you and your business.  Perhaps you’ve had some time to do a year in review and assess what worked and what fell short for your particular business. Did you reach your goals, and if not what could you have done differently to make that happen.

Now is the time to set new goals and define your marketing strategy for the new year. As I’ve been thinking about mine I thought I”d share some interesting marketing tips with you!

1) Businesses that blog more than a dozen times in a month are known to get higher traffic than those only blogging once a week or less. Blogging is not always easy to be regular at but it seems it is worth the effort . ( I better get my act together)

2)Most people respond better to watching a short video clip rather than reading text. Videos are known to keep people engaged longer.

3) The average blog post should be between 1500 and 2000 words to get a high page rank. This can be challenging but if you can make it happen with out word stuffing you will reap the benefits.

4) Pictures are truly worth a thousand words. People retain what they see far better and longer compared to what they read.

poster success

imagine poster

5) Think like your prospective customers. The more you know your customer the better prepared and effective you will be at reaching them. Knowing who you are trying to reach is half the battle.

6) From design to completed product or service be sure it is tailored to your customers needs. Ask your self some basic questions and be sure you are promoting your business products and services in a manner that customers respond too!

7) Whether your business is online or a brick and mortar store presentation and first impressions matter. Be sure your site or shop is neat and presents well. If you’re not sure ask some networking friends or respected business colleagues for their opinion. Try to listen without feeling judged, remember you asked!

I hope this gives you some things to think about as you begin 2015 and I wish you all my readers much success in your business endeavours.

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Cartoon Hedgehogs Fuzzy Slippers
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Pink and Black Leopard Print Fuzzy Slippers