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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Distinctive Paris Landmark Arc De Triomphe

Having been to Paris this year I thought I'd share the experience visiting the historic Paris landmark, the Arc De Triomphe. 

You will find this landmark in the Place Charles De Gaulle. Napoleon envisioned this triumphal arch to honor the troops that won the victory battle in Austerlitz in 1809. The type and design reflect ancient roman architecture but the massive size of the Arc De Triomphe is purely Napoleon style though due to it's massiveness it wasn't completed in Napoleon's lifetime. It stands 164 feet tall. It is now dedicated to honoring France's battles and military. 

As a tourist it is well worth the time to see this monument. It is free to walk around the base and under the arches but there is a fee if you want the experience of climbing the 280 stairs to the top. If Paris is most likely a one time experience for you then I think it is worth spending the money to experience the view from the top. There are fabulous picture opportunities and you will of course see the Eiffel Tower and amazing city views from there as well.  The stair climb is not that bad! 

Vive La France

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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Time to Clean House

I don't know about you but this last week I've been in the organizing, gutting out, gettin' rid of stuff mode. It always enlightens me when I pass things on that I or my household is no longer using or in need of.  

Yesterday as I was reading in Fast Company magazine it was the issue on creative people in business. Little articles shared about how entrepreneurs inspired others. This one I read really caught my attention. It was by an woman named Margareta Magnusson who by the way is a first time author at the age of 84. Her book is called "The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning"! I know at first it sounds kind of morbid but then as I read on I could totally relate to it. According to Fast Company, she released her first publication last October and her book will eventually reach 29 countries around the world. That's pretty amazing to accomplish at 84 years of age. The gist of her book is about freeing yourself from being bogged down with unnecessary clutter basically cleaning out and getting rid of your stuff before someone else has to do it for you like your spouse or children. Thus the name 'Death Cleaning'. Margareta Magnusson says that "shredding old papers and finding a new home for heirlooms before you're gone can help make your loved ones' memories of you nice instead of awful." Who doesn't want that, right! Her book is written in her Scandinavian humor style. She says "that while the concept of 'dostadning' is particular to Sweden, the values behind it are not. According to Fast Company, Margareta also says "most people have too many things around them and can't function because of all the unnecessary stuff they need to take care of that they don't really need at all." 

So perhaps after reading this you are a little inspired to clean your house, get rid of some things you are no longer using. Free yourself from the burden of 'stuff'! Certainly can't hurt, right!