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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Getting the Results You Want

Well this week I decided to give a spare room a paint makeover. I love the end result of a freshly painted room but actually doing the painting is not really my thing. However, I went to the store and chose a paint color called Fencepost, (off-white) I wanted something fresh and light in this room. The room was previously a soft medium green.

I bought a new tray liner, roller sleeve and painters tape as I had all of the other supplies. So the day before I was going to start painting I prepared the room by removing light switch covers and outlet covers, taped the baseboards and around closets and the door. If you are not a professional painter or tend to be a little aggressive with a paint brush I definitely recommend doing this step. Got some old sheets that worked for a drop cloth and then waited for Monday morning so I could get going on the painting.

I began by cutting in all of the ceiling edges, around the doorway and closet. Step one done! Then it was time to get rolling, stirred up the paint and filled the paint tray. The rolling began. Oh, did I say be sure that your biceps are in good shape before you start, ha! If they are not, they will be after your done! So I rolled and waiting for the coat to dry, then rolled a second coat and waited again, the coverage was not as I wanted so then came a third coat of paint. I waited over night this time to see the finished results and I could still see a hint of green showing through in some areas. I knew I would not be happy walking by that room and seeing that so as I had used almost the entire gallon of paint  off I went back to the store to buy more.

My arms and shoulders were extremely tired and heavy by this time but I was determined to get this done and done right. So on went the fourth coat of paint, (guess I should have used a primer but I thought that the paint would cover better) Awe… finished it and there it was the result I wanted. Looks beautiful and I am so happy I did it right. One of my sons commented wow, you could be a professional painter! I laughed thanks but no thanks I will leave that for someone else! I like my home office job! 

I think the take home here is no matter what you do prepare well for it and spend the necessary time and effort that it takes to do it right! This applies to lots of areas in our lives from relationships to business.

I have been busy working on some new designs as you can see in my store, Designs by Shell. Stop by for a snoop around!

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