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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

5 Tips For Starting An On-Line Business

If you’re thinking of starting an on-line business here are a few things to ponder before jumping in.  These 5 tips are worth reading and revisiting if you are considering  an on-line venture.

5 Tips That Can Lead to a Successful On-Line Business

1) Plan, plan, plan! This can’t be stressed enough, this quote comes to mind “ a fail to plan is a plan to fail” Write out steps you need to take for your venture. Plan your resources. Try to predict any troubles you could run into.

2) Look at other business’ similar to what you are trying to start. Collect ideas and don’t be afraid to ask others for advice.

3) Create an identity for yourself. Blogging is an integral part of the on-line business process. People need to learn about you so you must promote and maintain an on-line identity.

4) Networking is key to a successful business. Join forums, platforms,sites that allow you to connect with others.

5) Constantly research, things change quickly in the on-line world. So always be reading and eating up new knowledge that will help grow your business. “Be a fearless learner” 

Here are some of my latest designs for my business Designs by Shell

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Business Women's Day

While I was doing some reading I came across an article saying that today September 22nd is recognized as Business Women’s Day. This is a day where the value and contribution of women in the business world is recognized and celebrated. Women’s Day recognizes the coming together of women with diverse occupations from all over the world and celebrates the accomplishments of women business owners and working women all across the globe. So I’m wishing a Happy Business Women’s Day to all the hard working women in the workforce.

As a digital artist/designer my business keeps me busy. I’ve been working on a variety of designs, updating some older ones and starting to work on holiday designs. Time is moving quickly. Here are some office designs I’ve been creating… office mugs, which you can add your company name/website too and some business cards.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Energy is Key to Staying Fit and Healthy

Let’s face it everyone struggles with fitness motivation at some point. Having enough energy is the key to staying fit and healthy. One of the main reasons people can’t seem to get moving is a lack of energy and with that comes low motivation. Our bodies need to be supplied with the proper fuel in order to have sufficient energy to workout, keep up with our daily tasks and so forth.  Here are a few tips to help boost your energy and keep you inspired to stay healthy.

1) Drink water every couple of hours to keep your body systems running smoothly.

2) Eat breakfast, even if it’s just a cereal bar or a yoghurt (this is your morning fuel)

3) Incorporate some type of cardio in your day, – walking, jogging,  skipping, swimming, biking.

4) Choose healthy snacks – an apple, homemade muffin, veggies and dip, small cup of trail mix.

These are just a few suggestions, here is an article I wrote to motivate and inspire you even more.  Seven Tips For Staying Fit and Healthy

I love to create designs that inspire people. Here are some inspirational fitness products created by me and some from other designers too! 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

What's a Party Without Cupcakes

Cupcakes are everywhere. Now one of the most popular ‘cake’ ideas for parties are cupcakes. Mini bite size morsels of goodness. These fancy little cakes can be done up for any party theme you can dream up, no limits here! I have always been a fan of cupcakes and love to create designs for birthday invitations, t-shirts, business cards and other items. I also love coming up with quotes or cute cupcake sayings for my creations. Here are a few of my favourite sayings:

“When you frost a cupcake, you  spread the love”

“When you share a cupcake, you share love”

“Will work harder for cupcakes”

“Official cupcake taste tester” (somebody’s got to do it)”

“Cookies are for kids, Cupcakes are for grown-ups”

“Everyday is a day for cupcakes”

“What’s a party without cupcakes”

-by S. Kuhn

All of the above sayings are ones that I came up with on my own, such fun!  I just finished this page on The Cutest Cupcake Party Invitations … there are invites for many types of holiday & birthday parties featuring cupcakes.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Charming Cartoon Animals on Birthday Invitations

I can’t believe today is the first day of September. This is a busy month for many people. Summer holidays come to an end and kids are getting ready to head back to school. There are school supplies and new clothes to purchase for some. September is also a popular month for birthdays. I know several people who have kids with birthdays this month so that makes it extra busy when there are  parties to host too!

I’ve been busy creating some cute cartoon animals for kids birthday invitations. Lions and tigers and bears, some of my favourite little animals to draw. Here are a variety of fun invitations that can all be customized.