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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

7 Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business

We’ll the New Year is here and perhaps you’ve been doing some thinking about what 2015 has in store for you and your business.  Perhaps you’ve had some time to do a year in review and assess what worked and what fell short for your particular business. Did you reach your goals, and if not what could you have done differently to make that happen.

Now is the time to set new goals and define your marketing strategy for the new year. As I’ve been thinking about mine I thought I”d share some interesting marketing tips with you!

1) Businesses that blog more than a dozen times in a month are known to get higher traffic than those only blogging once a week or less. Blogging is not always easy to be regular at but it seems it is worth the effort . ( I better get my act together)

2)Most people respond better to watching a short video clip rather than reading text. Videos are known to keep people engaged longer.

3) The average blog post should be between 1500 and 2000 words to get a high page rank. This can be challenging but if you can make it happen with out word stuffing you will reap the benefits.

4) Pictures are truly worth a thousand words. People retain what they see far better and longer compared to what they read.

poster success

imagine poster

5) Think like your prospective customers. The more you know your customer the better prepared and effective you will be at reaching them. Knowing who you are trying to reach is half the battle.

6) From design to completed product or service be sure it is tailored to your customers needs. Ask your self some basic questions and be sure you are promoting your business products and services in a manner that customers respond too!

7) Whether your business is online or a brick and mortar store presentation and first impressions matter. Be sure your site or shop is neat and presents well. If you’re not sure ask some networking friends or respected business colleagues for their opinion. Try to listen without feeling judged, remember you asked!

I hope this gives you some things to think about as you begin 2015 and I wish you all my readers much success in your business endeavours.

Cartoon Hedgehog on Small Pattern Pair Of Fuzzy Slippers
Cartoon Hedgehogs Fuzzy Slippers
Pink and Black Leopard Print Pair Of Fuzzy Slippers
Pink and Black Leopard Print Fuzzy Slippers

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Repurposing Decor Items

It’s know secret that I love to have sparkle and bling in my Christmas decorations. I love to change my color scheme at Christmas time too! The last couple of years I’ve  kept the main colors gold and purple and this year I added in some white for a pretty accent as well.  Instead of buying new things to add to my decor this season I decided to get extra creative and repurpose some things that I already had. One thing I love are pretty cake plates and cake stands as they raise things up a level and co-ordinate into many table-scapes and decor settings. You can showcase a special ornament or fill them up with lots of pretty coloured Christmas balls. Basically what ever you like! It’s a great way to get extra use out things that you already have, who doesn’t want to save money at this time of year!

I gathered up some candle holders in different sizes and shapes and got out some of my plates and bowls in various shapes and sizes. I purchased some ‘Gorilla glue’ and went about creating some original cake stands by gluing plates on top of candle holders. It was super easy, the only cost was the glue and I have a pretty collection of stands now to use in my decor. I used white plates with gold edging and a glass bowl so that these can be used year round too, not just at Christmas time!

Here are the stands that I created!





Here you can see how I used them, some are just positioned for the picture not actually where I have them set up in my home but you get the idea. Well I hope this inspired you and you are able to create some unique pieces for your home as well!

My shop has been very busy this month and I have lots of new products to design. Here are a few of the newer items that I’ve been designing this month. You can visit my shop here  Designs by Shell

Snowman with Christmas Trees Pack Of Gift Tags
Snowman with Christmas Trees Pack Of Gift Tags
Birch Trees with Falling Snow Pack Of Gift Tags
Birch Trees with Falling Snow Pack Of Gift Tags
New Home Address Personalized Address Labels
New Home Address Personalized Address Labels
Weight Lifting Snowman Pack Of Gift Tags
Weight Lifting Snowman Pack Of Gift Tags
Bowling Snowman with Saying T-shirts
Bowling Snowman with Saying T-shirts
Martial Arts Snowman Ornament
Martial Arts Snowman Ornament