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Thursday, October 6, 2011

List of Top 10 Ideas for Indoor Hobbies

What do you do when the weather turns cold and the outdoor activities you usually do are no longer possible? I was thinking about this the other day. Many of us like to keep busy in the evenings and if we’ve been working all day, whether at a physical job or on the computer all day it’s nice to do something a little different. I thought I’d write a list of Top 10 Indoor Hobbies, maybe there’s something you’d never thought of or might like to try.  These may be geared a little more to women but I tried to mix it up a bit!

1) Do a crochet or knitting project – a scarf, or dish cloths are easy to make. Lots of free patterns on-line too.

2) Learn to play an instrument. That guitar that’s in the corner needs some attention!

3) Scrapbooking – great way to organize family pictures. Make a special book as a gift.

4) Carpentry – If you have access to tools and garage space build a simple wall shelf or a bird house. (The birds will thank you)

5) Teach yourself Cake Decorating. Watch on-line tutorials then collect your supplies and jump in.

6) Paint a room. A fun project if you take your time.

7) Read a Novel you’ve been wanting to get too!

8) Purchase a camera and learn all about photography.

9) Learn how to make Candy. Some excellent recipes on-line. Package it up and give as gifts.

10) Plant an indoor herb garden, you’ll have fresh herbs for all your sauces. 

This is just a small list but maybe you’ll come up with some other interesting indoor ideas for the winter months.  Here are some designs I’ve been working on for my store Designs by Shell

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