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Thursday, October 13, 2011

7 Marketing Terms and What They Mean

If you are new to on-line marketing or just beginning to understand what it’s all about the breakdown of  these marketing terms may help you along. I remember when I first started my on-line business many of the terms and marketing jargon was beyond my scope of knowledge and I felt quite lost. Through ‘fearless’ learning, experience and listening to others I have gained a lot of useful knowledge.

1)Affiliate Marketing – described as revenue sharing between online merchants/advertisers/authors and sales people.

2)Brand – a design, name, slogan or any other feature that identifies a seller’s goods or services from another.

3)Creative Strategy – a guideline of what your products or business should convey, who it should be conveyed to and how the tone should be set.

4)Direct Marketing – sending out a promotional message directly to consumers.  Using forms such as e-mail, newsletters, consumer websites…

5)Image Advertising -  Attempting to create a desirable mental image of a product or company in the mind of consumers. Familiarity…

6)SEO – Stands for Search Engine Optimization.  Choosing targeted keywords or phrases related to a website to ensure that the site gets ranked by the search engines. (Google,Yahoo,Bing)…

7)Product Placement – form of advertising where goods or services are placed in a setting rather subtly, not in your face marketing.

I was recently interviewed about my business.. here it is if you'd like to learn a little about my journey! ShopeKeeper of the Day Interview

Hope you find some of these marketing terms helpful in your journey. Now in keeping with my updates for my store, here are some of my recent designs and products I’ve been working on.


  1. Thank you :) I am getting close to my 6 month mark in the world of online marketing and am thankful for any helpful info I can get my hands on!

  2. Thanks Tracie! Congrats on your upcoming 6 months. Ya, it takes awhile to get the hang of how all the online stuff works, thank goodness for forums!All the best! :-)