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Monday, October 27, 2008

Lemon Cleanse

It's the third day of the Lemon Cleanse otherwise known as the MasterCleanse! My husband and I started this 3 days ago! It's to remove toxins, germs, (gunky buildup) :-)We are just doing it for 3 days and incorporating juice and soup back into the diet on the fourth day! So just have to get through today! We make the mixture of fresh lemons, pure maple syrup and cayenne pepper in the morning and then we drink six glasses throughout the day! At first it didn't taste too bad but at the end of yesterday it got really hard to down the juice. No food is allowed! Today is no better, I'll be glad when we are finished! However, I have lost 6 lbs. so far and my husband has lost 9 lbs. My stomach is so flat, I love that! I am feeling really hungry right now, so I should get back to designing to distract myself from food once again! Has anyone else done a cleanse like this? If so, how was it? I will post some of my lastest creations that I've been working on! I've been designing adorable snowmen with different colored hats and scarfs! Really cute on t-shirts, postage and today I will be working on some Christmas cards! Chat again soon!


  1. Interesting, i wouldn't mind trying that myself.

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  3. Hi,ya,I would recommend this cleanse if you are looking for one to do! :-)