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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I've been in the decluttering and organizing frame of mind the last few days! I am a bit of neat freak and like our home to be tidy which it is pretty much! I do however have three boys, 20, 19, and 16... hmmm enough said, right! No, actually they are not too bad, at least their messes are in their own rooms, and every week or so they get sick of there mess and clean it up! I did go through the downstairs family room and the guys were quite willing to get rid of lots of things they no longer use! So that felt great!
Last night I did spend some time creating and drawing! Some more snowmen,and Christmas ideas that popped into my head! I can't believe the stores already have Christmas items out and haven't even cleared the Halloween things away yet! It seem earlier every year, but I think Christmas designs will be a pretty regular thing to design now as people start shopping and looking for unique gifts for their friends and family! So come on by and check out what I've been up too! Have an awesome day and remember to smile often, it takes years off! :-)


  1. I'm going through that right now, I'm gathering some old things that I haven't used in years and having a yard sale this weekend to get rid of it all.
    I'm not crazy about yard sales though but I could always use the extra mullah. :)

  2. Hi, ya, I know what you mean, we've done garage sales in the past and honestly they are more work than they're worth! I find people don't want to spend much at them, so if I'm getting rid of anything of value I'd almost rather give it to someone who could really use it, or loves it! Anyhow happy gathering and cleaning! P.S. I like your photography of the old get away! Pretty rustic!