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Saturday, September 29, 2012

The 3-D Printing Buzz

I’m sure you’re aware that 3-D printers have been used for manufacturing and making prototypes for many years. What’s different now is that 3-D printers are now being made for companies as well as for use at home by consumers like you and me. 3-D printers are in use by many small companies already. This technology allows designers and engineers the ability to create an object in just a few hours. Most 3-D printers are unaffordable for the home owner just yet but will eventually come down in price. These printers will be affordable and desired by many home user’s and will allow people to produce their own unique items right in their own homes.  It’s kind of hard to wrap your mind around this advanced technology. Imagine you loose a chess piece to your chess game, with this technology at home you can just print up another one. Perhaps you want some new coffee cups, choose a design, color, shape and print yourself some new mugs. You will be able to print toys, household items, clothing and so on. Most of the electronic gadgets or items we own have been prototyped on a 3-D printer. All 3-D printed objects begin as digital files. They make objects using what is called an additive process, meaning that objects are built layer by layer from the bottom up. There are companies like Makerbot who have just created a new 3-D printer that works from a simple desktop application and allows you to turn your files into physical objects very easily. We will be hearing much more about these new technologies as time goes on… Pretty interesting stuff!

For designers like myself there could be a good future where I’m able to sell my unique designs that could one day be used by consumer’s to create their own gift items or products from their homes. Instead of selling my design on an already made item like a t-shirt or calendar. Someone could simple buy my design and print the item themselves on their 3-D printer. Wow, pretty crazy where technology is going…

Here are some of my more recent designs on items in my store, drop by for a visit. Designs by Shell

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Black and White Zebra Stripe Mug

Pretty Packages for a Special Teacher Christmas Ornament


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