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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Red and White Canada Day Theme

Canada Day sparks getting together with friends, cooking up some great food and having a barbeque even if the weather doesn’t totally cooperate. Hopefully the sun will shine at least for a good portion of the day we will celebrate regardless. I picked up some big citronella candles in red and white tins with the Canadian flag on them, a big tall candlestick in the same theme to put in a planter and a pretty pot of white and red petunias. Along with a few other goodies like cups, candles, napkins, etc. in red and white.  For dessert I made a large strawberry trifle to go with the red and white theme of course. Looks delicious, just got to keep my boys away from it  now, until tomorrow!   Just a few more preparations and we’ll be set.  It’s kind of fun to do a theme party or barbeque. With summer nights approaching it’s a great time to invite friends and family over. Why not make a theme of it… a few ideas could be a pool party theme, watermelon theme, flip flops or beach theme, maybe a Hawaiian theme… such fun!  I have lots of cute theme party invitations in my store, maybe one will catch your interest. Stop by for a visit to see what’s new, I am adding new items and designs daily. 

Happy Canada Day to my Canadian readers and Happy Fourth of July to my American followers, you’ll be celebrating soon too!


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