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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Foreign Food

As I was enjoying some homemade french toast and coffee this morning I got to thinking about the way different countries eat different types of food. For instance as I was recently in Italy, the cuisine they have there is a little different from what I eat at home here in Canada. Breads, buns, warm croissants, wafers and yoghurt make up a common breakfast in Italy, not toasted bread like we have just plain bread.  Lunches and dinners almost always contain pasta or pizza. I know, common for Italy but sometimes I just wanted some rice, vegetables or potatoes. 

As we travelled further to German countries the cuisine changed. Breakfasts in Germany always offered a variety of cheeses, meats and bread and buns. This was a little strange to us as we are not accustomed to eating cheese and meat in the morning. They also had dried cereals, yoghurt and lots of fruit too! Lunches and dinners in Germany consisted of bratwurst, schnitzel, sauerkraut, pork, dumplings and potato dishes. (My husband was in food heaven)They did have salads and a few vegetarian options.  However, it was nice to get back home to eating the type of food I am used too! Something about your own comfort food I guess!

One thing that did grow on me was the cappuccino’s. Until Italy I had only tried a cappuccino once and didn’t like it, but ‘when in Rome’… I tried them again and got totally hooked on them, so good! Some days I think I had up to three cappuccino’s in one day. I have cut back since being home but I do order cappuccino or coffee latte’s at Starbucks now.

Well still getting back into the groove of designing products, right now I’m mainly using my photography that I took while away. Creating some fabulous products with these. Here’s a sample below. Drop by my store to see more … I just finished some calendars of sites in Italy and castles in Germany.


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