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Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Love of Flowers

Summer is officially here! It seems like we’ve had a rather long bout of rainy weather and I am so looking forward to some sunny days! Along with the sunshine comes gardening, fresh local fruit and vegetables and beautiful flowers. I’ve already been to the local market this morning to get fruit and veggies. Only a 5 minute trip away, we are so blessed. Summer time makes me think of bright and vibrant colors blooming in the gardens. As a nature and flower lover summer is one of my favourite times to get out and capture pictures of flowers in different stages of bloom. I love the flowers covered in dew first thing in the morning and then when the afternoon sun is shining down on them as well as the play of the evening shadows. I recently visited two botanical gardens, in Rome, Italy. There were many different plants and flowers that I had not seen or heard of before. I was able to get some great pictures which I’m using on several products in my store. Roses seemed to be everywhere in Italy, in different varieties and colors.

Here is a sampling, if you’d like to view more of my floral photography stop my store Designs by Shell for a look around!


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