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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer Time is Picnic Time

Summer is here and it’s time to get outdoors enjoy some sunshine and have a picnic. With the busy lives everyone leads summer is the perfect time to get the family or friends together for a fun unstressed picnic. The great thing about picnics is that they can be impromptu, informal and no fuss get togethers.  Grab lawn chairs, a blanket or two and load up the cooler. Throw in a lawn game, some toys for the kids and you’ll be set.  Here are a few simple picnic food ideas that are not too much work.

Potato Salad (this could be bought at your local deli)

Buns with cold cuts, sliced cheeses

Veggies and dip

Fresh fruit ( watermelon, grapes, cherries)

Pasta Salad or Tabbouleh 

Fried chicken (buy at your favourite fast food chicken place)

Sandwiches or wraps (homemade)

Potato Chips ( what’s a picnic without these?) Get the healthiest variety you can!

Chocolate Cake ( make ahead)

Drinks – bottled water, lemonade, ice tea, juice boxes for the kids

Well I hope you’re in the mood for a fun picnic now…

Here are some cool designs I’ve been working on and a few beach themed items as well… have a great week, enjoy the sunshine!


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