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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Preparing for a Trip to Europe

In less than two months from now I will be experiencing my first trip to Europe. It’s exciting and a little over whelming too! So many details to think about. People have been very helpful in giving us travel tips and guide books to help prepare for the trip. This past week my husband bought me a new camera. It’s a Cannon, long shot with 14x optical zoom. I’m so exciting for all the amazing pictures I’ll be able to capture. My ‘cool pix’ camera will be retired or given to my boys. It was a great point and shoot camera but it only had 7x optical zoom, I took tons of awesome shots with that one but now I’ll be able to take great distance shots and have even better images to put on my store products. 

For my store Designs by Shell, I have many items that I’ve sold my photography on. Nature scenes and flowers have been a big theme for many items. Postage, postcards, calendars, mugs and business cards all sell well with my pictures on.  I’m blessed to live in beautiful B.C. where we are close to mountains, oceans, nature parks, and flowers galore. There are always tons of places and many opportunities to take the camera out and get some great shots. So know I’ll have to practice with my no ‘cannon’ camera and get it all figured out before our trip.  

Here are some of my products that I sell with pictures I’ve captured on some of my other trips. Come by my store to view others.

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