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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Living Life Through Sports

I remember when my boys were younger and life seemed to revolve around their sports.  Soccer, softball, swimming kept us pretty busy throughout the year. I’m sure it is still that way for most families. Some may just be finishing up the soccer season and moving right into softball or baseball right now. Perhaps like many, you enjoy watching sports maybe you play on a team yourself or perhaps you are involved in your children’s sport.  Watching, cheering, coaching. It seems we live in a sports driven world. One can watch sports on television at any time of the day, TSN offers continual sports. If you can’t catch the game when it’s on, now you just Tivo it and watch it later. One can go to sporting events and enjoy the camaraderie of like minded sports fans. Sports are huge!

In keeping with the sports theme I’ve been designing football and soccer themed t-shirts this week. A fun way to show your love of a sport by wearing a cool design and fun saying. Come by my store to see more… Designs by Shell

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