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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Funky Monkeys

Today I was really struggling with what to blog about. My husband tried to help, he came up with this title ‘funky monkeys’. That was it, just the title… I said, ‘what am I supposed to talk about’  he said it would come to me so I had to take if from there. So I started thinking about ‘monkeys’.

Monkeys are distinguished by their long tails. A primate that is not a human. Monkeys are very intriguing and fun to watch. There have been numerous books written about monkeys, how about ‘Curious George’ a well known children’s book about a monkey and his adventures with a man in a yellow hat. There have been many movies centered on the entertaining monkey, like MVP – Most Valuable Primate, this was a funny movie about a monkey who plays hockey. It received great ratings and kids and adults of all ages where entertained by this one. There were other movies about monkeys like, ‘Ed’, ‘Dunston Checks In’ and of course the ‘Planet of the Apes’ series.

Aside from being the topic of books, songs and movies monkeys are one of the most popular animals at the zoo! It seems people can spend endless time standing around the monkey cages just watching the behaviours of these interesting animals.

Monkey themes have become popular on all kinds of consumer products from clothing, gift items, electronics and so forth. Monkey birthday party decor has also become popular.

I recently created a page about 'monkey themed' iphone and ipad cases, you can view it here! I love to draw different cartoon monkeys and have come up with several different monkey designs for items in my store. I’ll share some with you here, if you’d like to see more please come by my store, Designs by Shell.  

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