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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Planning a Memorable Birthday Party

People are celebrating birthdays everyday of the year. If you happen to be planning a birthday party for someone in your family this month perhaps you can gain a little in-site from this post. We all know that with out purposeful planning a party can turn out badly and make us feel uneasy about the outcome.  Here is a list of ideas to help you with the planning process for your next birthday party.

1) Decide on a theme for the party, appropriate to the age of the child or adult who’s birthday you’re celebrating.

2) Decide on the number of guests you’ll be inviting, be sure there’ll be enough room at the venue or home to accommodate everyone.

3) Once you have a theme, choose invitations that relate and spark the interest of your guests.

4) Choose decorations with the theme of your party in mind.

5) Decide on the menu, food and drink for the party. Decide whether you’ll be ordering pizza or supplying the food yourself.

6) Choose a cake, whether you’re making it yourself or ordering one decide on this now.

7) If you are going to be playing games, decide on which ones and be sure they are age appropriate for your guests. If you need prizes decide on those now too!

8) For the kids, goodie bags are usually expected, so be creative and fill them up with stickers, buttons, key chains and treats appropriate for girls or boys!

This should help guide you through your next birthday party and allow you to relax a little knowing you are prepared.

I’m always working on new party themed invitations and birthday items for my store. Here are some ideas for birthday themes. Perhaps you’ll choose one for your next birthday celebration.

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    Thanks for sharing wonderful ideas to plan a Birthday Party Also we can do balloons Decorations to this theme.