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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Home Decor and You

Home decor basically refers to the furnishings and styling of an interior dwelling whether it be your home, office or a public building. I would call my home decor style, traditional with a contemporary flare. I love simplicity with a touch of elegance that is comfortable and liveable. This seems to work well for our family. The colors and furnishings that you choose for your home all create mood and ambience. When choosing colors you want to decide what type of mood you’d like to create in your space. Dramatic, soothing, cheerful, spa like, etc. Once you’ve decided on that then choose your colors accordingly. Just by adding pops of color in home decor items one can define your space and create the atmosphere you like.

I’m excited that Zazzle has jumped on board with ‘home decor’ items. Zazzle has recently introduced some fabulous products for the home. Designers can now create on throw pillows, place mats, napkins, tea towels, teapots and pitchers. I think these home decor products will really be a great addition to all of the other gift items and apparel that Zazzle offers. I have lots of work to keep me busy designing now…. here are a few of the items I’ve been working on. For lots more stop by my store Designs by Shell for a snoop around.