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Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Animals Have Personality

When you saw my title I bet you thought I was going to talk about my cat or my dog. When I said ‘my animals have personality’ I was talking about the animals that I create. By know I’m sure you know that I love to come up with cute and unique animal creations. I have drawn many types of animals from the common ones like cats and dogs to all kinds of zoo animals and birds too! I love how just by changing the features or the pose of an animal they take on a certain personality. Like the little tiger I drew I called her ‘Trina’, she just has the sweetest look on her face, although we all know that real tigers are not exactly sweet! There is my funny rooster, though I didn’t name him, he is sitting down with chicken legs outstretched and his head is slightly cocked forward, he looks so tired.  He makes me smile. Then there is my silly monkeys, I’ve drawn a few different ones but all slightly different they have curious expressions and all look like trouble to me! If you’re an artist I’m sure you known how much fun and enjoyment creating can bring. The more time you spend at it the better you get. I’ve sold many products with my cartoon animals on them and hope to continue to sell many more. Come by my store to see lots of others. Designs by Shell Here is a sampling below.

If you have a minute let me know which of the animals I’ve created below is your favourite one. Thanks so much!