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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tips for Rearranging the Living Room

Okay, yes I did it again, the other day I was in a creative mood and had to change my living room around, felt like freshening up the decor. Sometimes we just need a new view and rearranging a room can be fun. I didn’t buy anything new I just used decor items that I had, changed the area rug around, put the end tables in different places. Changed up a vase of flowers, moved lamps around and the biggest move was changing the placement of the couch and loveseat. It’s nice to have a new look and it just feels good to do this every few months or so. Here are a few tips if you happen to be in the mood to do an easy redecorating project.

1) Have a central focus in your room, this could be a fireplace mantle, large front window, or perhaps an entertainment center. A focus will help you balance the other items in your room.

2) Placement of large pieces. If you have an area rug place this first, then figure out the placement of other large pieces of furniture.

3) Think of the traffic flow, if this is a room that you use a lot this can be very important.

4) Think of the lighting you need in this room, be sure to place lamps in appropriate places for well lit reading areas.

5) Be sure the furniture works for conversation, you don’t want to have to be talking extra loud because you’ve placed the furniture too far apart and now conversation feels awkward.

6) Add touches of comfort, throw pillows, plants, bouquet of flowers, or a great coffee table book, these all make for a beautiful room.

Well do you have a favorite tip that you like to use when rearranging a living room or other room in your home? Share it with me here!

Along with all my rearranging I’ve been busy as always working on new designs for my store Designs by Shell Here are a few of them…