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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sharing Christmas Family Traditions

I love to hear the different traditions that families share during the Christmas season. Most households have a few things that they do the same every Christmas that make it extra special for those in their family. I’ll share a few of our family traditions. The first one would be that we always attend the Christmas Eve Service at our church. It’s a joyous family time of singing and hearing stories and scriptures of the ‘true meaning’ of why we celebrate the Christmas season. Another family tradition we have is our boys hang up their Christmas stocking before they head to bed on Christmas Eve. Even though the guys are older now they still love this tradition. They open them together on Christmas morning. The last one I’ll share is the tradition of the Christmas breakfast quiche that I make. I’ve been preparing this dish for many years now, although now I usually make two of them as the boys have bigger appetites now too. It’s a Broccoli, cheese dish that we usually have with English muffins and egg nogg.

Please take a moment to comment and share a tradition or two that your family likes to participate in. I love to here what other families do!  

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  1. First off, what's the recipe for the quiche? Next article I think!!! My wife and I are newly weds and are making up our own traditions. We decorated the house with lights and garland the day after Thanksgiving when we both had off work. Now in our new house we are having Christmas day at our house for the first time ever with both sides of our family which will be great. Growing up though I always made french toast with my dad Christmas morning for everyone and that always brought everyone out of bed. Although the imminent presents helped too.

  2. Yeah, I'll have to dig my recipe out of hiding! Congratulations to you and your wife. Have fun celebrating with your families in your new place. Thanks for sharing your traditions, french toast is great too and the heaps of gifts! :-)