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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Five Ideas to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

We all get stuck sometimes. Perhaps  you’re an artist, a photographer or a writer, whatever you do you probably struggle now and then coming up with new and fresh ideas. Times when you just can’t seem to move forward.  Generally these times are characterized by low energy, maybe not eating properly, lack of motivation or just a general lack of inspiration.  There are a few different things to try to snap yourself out of this phase.  Give one or more of these a try!

1) Get enough sleep, try a cat nap (15-20 minutes) can be enough to recharge your thinking.

2) Go for a brisk walk, sit in the sunshine, give thanks for the beauty around you.

3) Hit the gym, or do some form of physical exercise like jogging, swimming or biking to boost your energy level.

4) Stimulate your mind by looking through magazines, reading a good article or visiting a bookstore, These can all help to unblock your creative flow.

5) Go for coffee with a friend, a good conversation and sharing session might be all you need to get going again. 

Here are some of my latest designs from my store Designs by Shell…Thankfully the creative juices are still flowing here…

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