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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Top 5 Favourite Christmas Songs

I know it's only the end of Nov. but I did put on a Christmas CD this morning while I steam mopped my family room and kitchen floors. Just made me feel good! Do you have favourite Christmas songs that you love to listen to over the Christmas Season. I'm sure we all do!
Here are my top #5 Favourites - (It's pretty hard to choose"

1)The Little Drummer Boy
2)Silver Bells
3)Silent Night
4)If Every Day Could Be Christmas - (by 98 degrees)
5)White Christmas

What are some of your favourites?
Well I've been busy this week adding more products to my store Shell's Designs. There are so many cute Christmas ideas that I want to create, so better get busy! Here's a few of my latest designs pop by my store to see more.


  1. Hi Shell, I do like your Christmassy house design - very cute :)

    Here's a thought: I see in your side panel that you're using the Zazzle blog panel. It's a bit limiting as I'm sure you already know, much more so than the Zazzle flash panel. You can't change the sort order or select which of your products to display - or even how many.

    I've got a solution... Have a quick look at my blog and see the Zazzlit Google Gadget on my blog panel.

    It's driven by the Zazzle RSS system so you can choose how many to display, what search terms to use, the sort order, whether to use just your store, other folks' stores or the marketplace. You get the commission from any sales via product clicks (you enter your affiliate id during setup).

    I've got a full blown tutorial on how to use it but in summary you can use the blogger template layout to add it. Just search for Zazzlit when you go to add a gadget.

    Tutorial starts here with lots of screenshots!

    Let me know what you think!

  2. Thanks, Looks interesting I'll have to spend some time checking it out! :-)

  3. Beautiful blog and zazzle shop! I just started a shop on zazzle, and I'm using it to also help promote my shop on etsy ( I'm really enjoying both sites. You're so creative - keep up the great work!

  4. Thank you Gretchen, I'll come take a peek at your zazzle store too! Zazzle is awesome, all the best to you!